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He Heard Strange Noises At Night, So He Installed A Hidden Cam. This Is What He Found… TERRIFYING!


We’ve all heard our share of ghost stories and now with the internet (creepy subreddits, we means you), it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. Back in the day, The Blair Witch Project looked pretty real because it was “found footage” but it turned out to be fake and started a long line of authentic-looking “documentaries” about the supernatural, turning more people into skeptics. However, what are we to think when the evidence cannot be disproved? Well, Joe Cummings has exactly that kind of evidence and it is likely to raise some eyebrows—even yours.

Joe Cummings Is No Kook

This is Joe, and he is a pretty normal guy. He works as an actor in New York City and lives with his girlfriend in their apartment. In the beginning of the video, he explains that food in their apartment has been going missing and his girlfriend swears she has not been eating it. Like any trusting boyfriend, Joe’s curiosity got the better of him so he took matters into his own hands.

99c8c8ca-ed63-4531-afe2-ef7040455c4c_tabletvia YouTube / biljj nyc

The Set Up

Resourceful as he is, Joe got himself a night vision camera to catch his girlfriend once and for all. You see him setting up his equipment and catching a clear, broad view of his kitchen. Everything is visible (and super cute), with things stored in every nook and cranny, with the exception of a large cubby above the entrance.

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Two Hours Of Nothing And Then…

The video recorded two hours of kitchen uneventfulness before something started moving in the dark cubby above the door. First, a pair of legs slides down the wall and onto the table. The slow decent is creepy and unusual; the figure is comfortable doing this balancing act in the dark, without a flinch.

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Stranger Danger

The figure turns and crouches down on Joe’s small kitchen table. It appears to be a small woman with dark, disheveled hair and a loose clothing. Joe maintains that this is not, nor has she ever been, his girlfriend. He has never seen this woman in his life.

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An Eerie Routine

One of the weirdest things about this mystery figure is the apparent “routine” with which she climbs down from the table and helps herself to Joe’s fridge. Here, you see her slowly slide a stool out from under the table and carefully climb down from her perch. Though quiet, the creeper wastes no time stuffing her face.

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Rude And Gross

Whatever this thing is, it ain’t got no manners. The figure can be heard urinating in Joe’s sink! Gross! It didn’t bother trying the bathroom and seems pretty comfortable reaching for more food right after doing so. It also didn’t wash it’s hands.

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Well, The Girlfriend’s Off The Hook

After relieving herself in Joe’s sink, the creeper decides to scope out the fridge to see what’s good. This proves that Joe’s girlfriend was telling the truth. Their relationship is now solid as a rock, so there’s the silver lining.

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Yep, The Pantry Too

This thing is on a rampage. Who or whatever this is, it does not want to be found. Upon opening the pantry, the door creeks and the figure stops dead in its tracks. After determining it had not awaken anyone, it continues to go ham on the contents of the cabinet.

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Why Not Some “Netflix And Chill”?

This thing has guts. Serious guts. She literally sits down and turns on the TV like she owns the place. How she stays so relaxed while trespassing and stealing is beyond comprehension. Even after the creaky cupboard, she keeps plugging on with her midnight routine and to heck with the consequences.

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The Disappearing Act

Like any good bandit, hiding is the key to success. Our little creeper hears a who and ducks for cover because that’s what you do when you’re about to get caught. With all the close calls in this video, from the creaking to the TV, Joe still didn’t manage to catch her.

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He’s So Close

Joe is seen walking sleepily to his fridge for a drink. Unbeknownst to him, his kitchen night-crawler is a couple of feet away, in the darkness. Joe makes his way back to his bedroom, completely unaware of the intruder’s presence.

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Back She Goes…

Once Joe leaves, the stranger waits a moment and then climbs back onto the table. She makes her way back up to the cubby and disappears as if she was never there. The mystery lives on, as the internet, with all of it’s critical eyes, has never debunked this yet. It is hard to imagine Joe feeling safe in his home ever again.

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See the whole disturbing thing here.

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