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Phobias You Have Never Heard Of!


Phobias are known to be some kind of anxiety, which can lead to the fear of objects or creatures and even situations.

All of us are afraid of something. Some have the fear of height, others fear to stay alone at home. There are many phobias, which are medically recognized. Some of these fears may be connected with past trauma and unpleasant experience. Here is the list of some phobias you have never heard of!


Have you ever thought that there are so many people, who are afraid of not having a mobile phone? If you have jitters at times when there is no mobile phone, you are probably suffering from nomophobia. The irritation is explained by the complete dependence on technological devices.


It seems that everyone likes eating cheese, except some group of people, who are afraid of doing this. Some of them can’t even stand looking at this product. In most cases, those who are lactose intolerant face such a phobia.


If you are afraid of seeing a snake, it’s quite normal. But there are some people who fear chickens! Yes, chickens, simple little chickens! Could you believe this? These people even are afraid of looking at the pictures with these birds.


Yes, looking at a mirror may be frightening at night. But there are many, who are afraid looking into it during daytime. People fear seeing their own reflection in a mirror. They connect it with supernatural powers and consider that see ghosts in such moments.



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