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Kitchen Hacks You Have Never Heard Of!

Cooking is a real responsibility for many people, for others it’s simply passion.

No matter what your reason is, your kitchen would be incomplete without proper functioning. Sometimes cooking can be really elaborate and complicated. If you want to avoid any possible difficulties, keep to the following kitchen hacks:

Cleaning The Oven With Vanilla

Have you ever thought about cleaning an oven with vanilla? Regular cooking and baking may result in various unpleasant smells. To avoid them, we recommend you adding a little bit of vanilla while cleaning the oven. It will help you eliminating all the unpleasant smells, making your oven fresh and aromatic all the time.

Getting More Juice

Do you want to obtain more juice from the citruses? Take the lemons and place them into a microwave oven for 15 seconds. It will help warming them up and making soft. Microwaving will also make them more flexible, so you would have no problems with juicing.

Cake With Ease

Do you always have problems with getting a full cake from the pan? To prevent sticking, we recommend you using baking paper or greasing. Even if you have a non-stick pan, it also requires some grease. Doing this will get rid you of sticking.

Perfect Pancakes

It seems everyone likes eating pancakes for breakfast. They are easy to make and taste delicious. To make them evenly round, we recommend you using a ketchup bottle. It will help you avoiding mess at workplace and pouring the right amount of dough.



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