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Best Proposal Sites In The World!

Every girl is dreaming to get the most wonderful proposal in front of her friends and the whole family.

Everyone wants capturing that moment, making it the most memorable in his life. One should choose a perfect time and place for the proposal. A right location is really an important thing. Planning is another significant moment about the proposal. Here are of the best places in the world where you can propose her!


Italy is known to be one of the most romantic countries. Verona is a real symbol of love. People from the whole world come here to make a wedding proposal. Juliet’s balcony is known to be one of the most favorite locations for this aim.

The Grand Canyon

This place is scary, but at the same time romantic. It’s astonishing and extremely terrifying. The nature here is wild and unique. It seems that God Himself created the place. What can be better than asking her marrying you at the height of 4000 feet?

The Trevi Fountain

The fountain is known to be one of the most favorite tourist attractions in Rome. The architecture of the town and its sounding water will make the proposal incredible. To avoid big crowds, we recommend you doing this late at night or in the very morning.


This island in Greece is known to be extremely romantic. It is one of the most memorable places for a proposal. The island has a magnificent lagoon and surrounded with volcano. There are also a lot of cliffs here, which make the place extremely beautiful.



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