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Be Careful! The Most Dangerous Plants!


Have you ever thought that plants can be extremely dangerous?

A little cut of some particular plants can lead to serious infections and dreadful diseases. Do you always pay attention to what plants you smell and bring home after walking in a wood? Be careful with the following items, which are terrifyingly dangerous!

Poison Hemlock

The plant is often associated with Socrates. It was frequently used in ancient Greece for poisoning prisoners and one of them was Socrates! The plant grows in the Mediterranean and European regions. It is able disrupting the normal functioning of the nervous system. It can also cause respiratory muscles paralysis, which can lead to abrupt death.

The Suicide Tree

The plant grows in India and different regions of Southern Asia. It can disrupt the work of heart muscles, leading to irregular heartbeat, which is in most cases completely fatal. According to one study, it was found out that a majority of people use it for committing suicides.


This shrub is really very common. It can grow anywhere! It has wonderful bulbous flowers. The contact with it is able leading to cardiac arrest. Be careful, because the plant is quite attractive, so be aware not to stop near it.

Castor Bean Plant

The plant is known to be a popular laxative, which is sold over-the- counter. Only little amount of people know about its dreadful poison. Ricin is the compound present in the castor bean plant is known to be fatal. Several grains are able killing an adult without any problems.


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