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These Symptoms Are The Warning Signs Before A Heart Attack

Based on statistical data, heart failure is one of the most common causes of death in US that goes for men and also women. Heart failure occurs when a person has clogged arteries build of plaque which are oxygen-rich blood suppliers to the human heart. Such situation will cause oxygen and blood deficiency to the heart. It kills the cells in that part of the myocardium, also known heart muscle. A heart attack is basically a dead tissue as a result of death during the blood flow loss. Extreme pain and pressure is experienced due to this dead tissue.

Now-a-days, due to the quick and unhealthy lifestyle, there are a number of risk factors which threathens the conditions of health. The most major causes are high cholesterol levels, smoking, obesity and fast and un-healthy lifestyle habits. The latest studies and medical professionals are suggesting that heart attacks are more predominant among men than woman.

Many People Are Unaware Of A Risk Of Having A Heart Attack…


Many people are unaware of a risk of having a heart attack, so they put in a lot of stress on their bodies. It is very necessary to identify the symptoms of a heart attack before it happens, and you can do that a month or so in advance.

Here in this article we are sharing a List of The 5 Most Common Symptoms You Should Look Out For:

1. Cold Sweats And Dizziness


Blood flow is affected by improper circulation to the brain, which is important for the brain to operate appropriately. This sign is an indicator of great danger, and without delaying, you should consult the doctor.

2. Chest Pressure


This sign is the most prominent among them. One can get a heart attack in the near future if you are having chest pressure. It is normally ignored by most of the people thinking it to be nothing or something normal. Go to a doctor immediately if you are suffering with some chest pressure.

3. Weakness


As your arteries are becoming narrow and improper blood flow is there, so it will cause weakness. This will be an obvious sign that one might have a heart attack. You should seek medical attention immediately.

4. Cold And Flu Symptoms


sick woman holding an ice pack to her head

Most of the people experienced Cold and flu symptoms right before getting an attack. Due to the blood flow loss to your heart, one will experience constant feelings of tiredness and drowsiness. You should consult your doctor immediately as this is one of the dangerous sign.

5. Shortness Of Breath


The loss of blood flow will result in bad lungs also. If the supply of blood is less to the lungs, then one will not get a good breathe of air. This is a very dangerous sign and you should go to your doctor as soon as possible if you are suffering from trouble breathing.

Be one step ahead and in case if you one is really experiencing any of these early signs. You should start taking care of yourself and see a doctor. Prevention is better than cure, so do not take it for granted a early prevention will save your life.

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