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i-Phone 7 Features And Surprises Are Finally Out..

This are the rumored features and surprises of the iPhone 7. It’s not all over the news, but people are talking about it. This year Apple just somehow provided a news about their upcoming three iPhones which will be giving a blast for the upcoming year of 2016.


Its previous version was accepted and the same time not accepted by some people.


Yes, it’s about the “iPhone 5c” I’m talking about. In the upcoming year of 2016, Apple is bringing “iPhone 7c”. Previously, iPhone 5c couldn’t make their place in the consumer’s heart. Yes, there were plenty of people who didn’t like the iPhone 5c, but there were plenty more people who liked the plastic structure of that iPhone 5c. This set was sold in 25 million units, though it wasn’t a big deal for Apple but if we compare to the other handsets like Samsung, HTC, Sony then it was a huge success for Apple iPhone 5c. And now Apple is preparing something good and big for the new set.

New Features


Apple was said to be very keen on their next product which is iPhone 7 and they said it will be something very special. Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ was big hit and now the upcoming iPhone 7 is going to be more than that. In this set, they are focusing on CPU, display and memory also. They are focusing on the other factors too. There a rumor or you can call it a new feature on iPhone 7 which is a “Force touch”. Plenty of the iOS users are known with its the latest MckBook and Apple watch has the same feature which means the iPhone will be having a new and an extra layer of display which will allow the users to get and new and extra sensor to open up the display weather its not ready to show information.
The report says the new phones will be thinner. It will be 0.2mm less thinner than the iPhone 6. And the new iOS version 9 will bring some more features along with the supper power management system which will save more power and it’s huge step ahead to the smartphones future.

And a rumor is spreading that Apple will be bringing their plastic-fantastic unit of the iPhone which was iPhone 5c.


Yes, the Apple might bring “C” class, either on 2015 or in 2016 with the iPhone 7c. As the company is saying they are going to do a makeover of the iPhone, a totally new structure designed iPhone 7 will be launched in 2016.
While people are thinking where can Apple do a redesign, this time Apple could set a flash with the front facing camera to give better light to the selfie lovers, reported in the Independent. The sources said, there will a huge update to the camera function of the next iPhone. It will provide 1080p video/image quality along with the panoramic and slow motion video.

About the specification of the iPhone 7


About the specification of the iPhone 7, Ming-Chi Kou, analyst of KGI Securities, said that the Force touch display will be the major selling point of expanding it on the commercial markets as this feature will provide the customers more input method as well as a support of handwritten signatures. Nothing new will be on the screen size, it will be the same 4.7 and 5.5 inches as it was, but there will a change in the body casing color of the phone. It will be available in “Rose gold” color too with the other fixed colors. The camera will get a huge upgrade as its going to be 12mp, which is too good and to enhance the voice quality and make it more clear to hear, there will be additional microphones near to the speaker of this phone. The RAM will be increased, gesture support control, better touch ID. The casing material will be changed to solve the bent issue.
As far as we know the launching of this phone will start at the mid or the end of August and this year the Apple will launch iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, 80-90 million phones will be shipped.





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