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A Boy And Girl Locked Up Inside A Toilet And Manager Shocked With The Results

Teen aging is the phase of everyone’s life and most of them start admiring opposite gender and they are very curious about everything because of changes occur in their body. As we all know that there are many changes occur in adolescence. We all make friends and share our feeling to someone who is really special to us. Along with all that we all need to give a proper guidance to our children because they are aware about the physical change and starts attaining maturity in the life.

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Ignoring it would be results into this incident, which happens in famous fast food restaurant where a couple locked up themselves in toilet for more than an hour. Click on next to know the full story.

Both Were Engaged Inside The Toilet From One Hour


Few days ago a teen boys and girl found locked inside a famous restaurant in the city and one of the store employee noticed that bathroom was engaged for past one hour and customers are waiting to get into the loo. The store manager rushed in hurry towards the toilet door and told them to come out or she needs to call the cops to handle this mess.

Some Them Predicted About Dual Suicide


Everybody in the restaurant is curious to know, what is happening inside it and some of them predicted about dual suicide happening inside toilet. Before entering into it both of them were enjoying their pre ordered burger and fries and after hardly threatened by store manager one of them came out shirtless and captured into the video. Soon after him and bare foot girl walk out in eyes down manner, showing great embracement to us. Complete incident captured by fellow customer in a video. Scroll down to have a look of that video. This got lots of attention.



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