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7 Amazing Makeup Tricks A Girl Must Know, 5 Is Fantastic

Make up is an art every girl is fond of. It is basically a way of expressing yourself. Some have mastered while some are working to perfect their skills. Young girls are much concerned for their beauty, their looks that they apply make up using various kinds of cosmetic products but the prime concern is that whether or not they know the sticks or techniques to apply make up like using brush perfectly, your foundation wrongly smudged, etc. This post shows you some amazing make up hacks to bang on your make up last longer.

Here, the pic shows the wrong way to apply make up.

1. Choosing The Right Kind Of Brush


If you are using the wrong brush, you will easily mess up. Knowing about the purpose of each brush, you should take the right brush according to the make up and the area of your face you are selecting.

2. Make Use Of Concealer Around Your Lip Line


You should use a concealer all around your lip area to highlight your lips and clean the lip line. Be sure of applying the concealer first and then the lipstick.

3. Using Fake Lashes


Given footage shows the ways of using eyelash curler before applying the mascara to avoid smudging it.

4. How To Contour Your Nose


Given pic shows the correct contour lines which needs to be followed impacting on your overall makeup.

5. Use Mascara As An Eyeliner


Swipe up some mascara from the brush with the help of an eyeliner pencil and apply that as a liquid liner on your eye lids.

6. Contour Your Face


7. For Fuller Eyebrows


You can make use of two kinds of brushes, angled and a spool brush to fill in the gaps and direct your eyebrow pencil correctly.




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