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6 Sensational Hollywood Divas Who Leave Their Bras At Home When They Go Out

Our celebs are followed by many fans and their social accounts are full with millions of follower. As we all know that they live luxurious life which is full of all the amenities. But sometimes when they unintentionally posted some selfies clicked to express their thought or sharing some moments with their follower. This creates a great mess to media persons and they even doubt on these celebs to reason why they wore that outfit on particular occasion.

The list is filled with all famous diva of Hollywood town like, who attended various award ceremonies without wearing their bras. Just click the next button to explore them in without their under clothing’s.

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1 Kim Kardashian- The Selfie Queen

kim-kardasin-3She could be the one who lead all other and her twitter account is full with almost 50 million followers. She regularly posted her selfies clicked to express her present mood.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

svt18gtrhj4r6b0kbcsgThis famous American actress, who started her career from modeling and she also hosted many award functions. It doesn’t matter whether she wear bra or not when she is having that appealing body shape.

3. Mariah Carey

Mariah-Carey-HD-PicturesOther than modeling Maria is better known for her singing and acting skills. She is regular in posting selfie and status in twitter account. Presently she is busy in participating in Sweet fantastic tour.

4. Rihanna twitter account is full with 50 million of followers and this star performer is best known for her dashing stage performance and this was click when she was in famous club.

5. Miranda Kerr

article-0-0EFD4B0A00000578-347_468x752Australian model and best known her performance in secret angels.

6. Heidi Klum

06-heidi-klum-emmys-red-carpet-2012-leadGerman model, started her carried from doing business and also produced many television series. First time she appeared internationally by signing a big contract with famous magazine called “swimsuit”.



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