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11 Top Coloring Book Artists Who Were Offensive And Way Out Of The Line

This is an art to make any creature alive and with the help of brush and patches of color. He can remains in the mind of any person and artist is the only person who can do this. Although it requires a perfect hand to make a master piece and it is the only person who can change the meaning or moral of his art. Colors also indicate the mood of artist like a simple traffic light denotes us red is for stop. In the same manner when he puts colors into the art then the whole meaning is change. Some artist works theme based and few of them want to express themselves through their work. But moderns coloring technique has created a mess for it. Next to this we are sharing some arts created by some perfect person but after coloring it. The whole meaning is changed.

1. Dragon dinner

37After coloring this has been proved that both children are in problem and dragon is planning to have them in his dinner. Duct tape and red eyes added realness to it.

2. Eric’s Little Known Power


His performance with continuous jumping can get a Ariel observation of his back.

3. Hawk Eye And His Team

710These fictional characters are from famous American comic book and they are colored with highlighting the abs and muscles.

4. Sponge Bob Is Telling Worst Moment Is When You Want To Smoke Alone


5. Red Is Rose And Also For Danger

92Although it is a symbol of danger but also show the wildness in human being and this artist colored everything in red which looks very scary.

6. Ariel And Eric’s Love

112This famous cartoon character who is living in underwater kingdom and her lover named Eric. How she save his life

7. Batman Is Using Roller Instead Of Flying

122By coloring it artist is trying to explain the situation where batman can’t fly and he have to use a roller skates to chase corrupted person.

8. Strawberry Changes Into Ghost Face

131Here one side is plane and perfect in white but coloring it in this way can impact our mind.

9. Great Achievement In Saving Him From Sun Rays

141Here after coloring this big umbrella he forget to make sun which look like snowball

10.Teddy Turn Into A Culprit

151After coloring it he look like a gangster who completed his job and busy in giving some best poses which looks really interesting.

11. Committing Suicide Is A Crime And Minion Did It





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