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You Have Never Heard About These Religions!

Religion is a thing, which preserves traditions and beliefs in a particular way.

People have been creating a lot of different religious organizations since the very beginning. But there are still some religions, which are not known to the majority of people.


According to the estimations, there are almost 55000 followers of this religion. This belief was described by Raelian Movement. They think that all the humans were created with the help of advanced scientific extraterritorial species. They believe that aliens will rule the world in the nearest future.


This monotheistic religion is one of the oldest in the whole world. It originated 3500 years ago in Iran. The researchers have proved that in the past it was one of the strongest religions in the whole world. According to the estimations, there are 190,000 followers of the religion worldwide.


Taoism is often called Daoism. It is known to be one of the most powerful religions in China. It was founded almost 2000 years ago. Taoism says that all the things are connected and united. Taoism also includes a lot of meditation and feng shui.


The religion originated in 19th century. There are almost 13,5 million followers of the religion in the whole world. Their notions about God are really unique and peculiar. They consider Him to be a physical entity and believe that humans may also become so, if they have proper fate.



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