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Top 10 Scientists Of All Time

1) Albert Einstein – (1879 to 1955 AD)  


There is no doubt about the fact that Albert Einstein is one of the greatest minds to have ever existed in the history of human civilization. The German born Einstein was a theoretical physicist and won the Nobel Prize for discovering the law of photoelectric effect in 1921. However, his most important research was the theory of relativity, which is now the basis of modern physics.

Einstein is also the man behind the most famous equation in the world, when he formulated mass-energy equivalence relation E=m. Many people still consider Einstein to be the greatest scientist of our generation and perhaps of all time.

2) Sir Isaac Newton – (1642 to 1727 AD)  


Sir Isaac Newton simply had to make the list of the top 10 scientists the world has ever seen. He was a mathematician and physicist, and his contribution to the field of science is unparalleled to this day. The laws of motion that Newton created are the foundations of scientific research and understanding and are still taught in schools and colleges to this day. He is also the man who famously discovered gravity by watching an apple fall to the ground from a tree.

Newton has also made his mark in mathematics, by contributing to the binomial theorem, power series and infinitesimal calculus. All of this and more make Newton one of the greatest minds that ever lived.

3) Nikola Tesla – (1856 to 1943 AD)    


There are very few scientists who can claim to be better than the Serbian American, Nikola Tesla. He is the one who is credited with the modern alternating current electricity supply system. He actually worked for Thomas Edison during his earlier years but then resigned after failing to redesign his inefficient generators and motors.

In 1887 Tesla built the AC induction motor, and his high-power, high-voltage experiments laid the groundwork for the invention of the radio. He was a brilliant scientist and his quirky nature managed to earn him the title of “the mad scientist”.

4) Aristotle – (384 to 322 BC)    


The Greek philosopher, Aristotle is considered to be one of the first ever great scientists in the history of the world. His philosophies and ideas have influenced scholars and scientists for centuries, and the former student of Plato was also famous for being the teacher of Alexander the Great.

His work as a scientist covered a diverse range of subjects, from zoology, biology, and ethics to physics and metaphysics. His views on science were way ahead of his time and were beyond the comprehension of his peers; while they would go on to form the basis of learning and science in the future.

5) Galileo Galilei (1564 to 1642 AD)    


The famous astronomer Galileo is revered for his efforts in advancing astronomy. He was an Italian philosopher, mathematician, physicist and astronomer and is also credited with improving the telescope, while also making significant astronomical discoveries, such as the satellites of Jupiter.

His support for heliocentrism landed him in a lot of trouble and eventually led to him being put under house arrest. It was during his captivity that he wrote his famous “Two New Sciences”, which consisted of descriptions of the strength of materials and kinematics. This landed him the title of “The Father of Modern Physics”, as well as a place amongst the top 10 scientists of all time.

6) Louis Pasteur (1822 to 1895 AD)    

Louis Pasteur

The French microbiologist and chemist, Louis Pasteur is another famous scientist, and is also the man who invented the pasteurization process. It is all down to this process that we can now drink milk with no need to breed cows. He also made breakthroughs in vaccinations, and managed to create vaccines for anthrax and rabies as well.

Pasteur studied the prevention and causes of diseases, and is credited to having saved countless lives. He is known to have made a big contribution to the “germ theory of disease” as well as how it was applied in scientific medicine. All of this led to him earning the title of “The Father of Microbiology”, and a place in history amongst the top 10 scientists of all time.

7) James Clerk Maxwell (1831 to 1879 AD)  


James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish Mathematical physicist, who introduced the concepts of electromagnetic field with a set of equations. He proved that electromagnetic field and light both travel at the same speed. He also managed to take the first color photograph in 1961, after studying in the field of optics and color vision.

Maxwell also worked on the kinetic and thermodynamics theory and managed to create the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution from that. He is considered to be one of the prominent physicists of all time and also one of the greatest scientists that ever lived.

8) Marie Curie (1867 to 1934 AD)


Marie Curie was awarded not one but 2 Nobel Prizes, one in Physics in 1903 and the other one in Chemistry in 1911. Apart from being the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, she became the only person to win the Nobel Prize in 2 different fields!

Curie also set up the first ever radiology center for France during World War 1 and developed numerous radiography units and vehicles that saved countless soldiers’ life. Her main field of research was radioactivity-techniques in order to isolate radioactive isotopes and is credited for the discovery of the elements radium and polonium.

9) Niels Henrik David Bohr (1885 to 1962 AD)    


Niels Bohr was a Danish Physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1922 for his work on quantum theory and the atomic structure. He is famous for the Bohr model of the atom, while ‘Bohrium’ is an element that has been named after him.

10) Charles Darwin (1809 to 1882 AD)  


Charles Darwin is credited to have explained the evolution process and how life has descended from common ancestors. He was an English zoologist and naturalist, while he made the evolutionary theory as well.




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