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Eating Eggs Is Equal To Smoking!

According to the statistics the USA consume almost 200 million eggs per day.

Unfortunately, everything is not as good as you may imagine. Egg industry has made everything possible to hide a lot of information from us. It is quite a profitable business, which is not going to disappear from the market stage. Read the following to find out all the truth.
Over Producing Of Eggs

Industrial hens are hybrids, which are manipulated. They are bred in such a way to produce almost 200-350 eggs per year. This exceeds the normal point 15 times. An average hen should lay approximately 60 eggs during 1 year. Such a method interferes with the traditional breeding process.

Overproduction Leads To Diseases

200-350 eggs per year is quite challenging for hens. Because of this they become devastated, weak, suffering from various painful problems. An egg is developed into a chicken, so it requires some calcium during its forming from the bones of a hen; usually it’s 10% for each. Do you think it’s enough calcium in 1 bird to cover all those 300 eggs? Certainly not! That’s why it’s not a rare phenomenon to see those industrial hens, suffering from osteoporosis, weak bones and even paralysis.

Horrible Conditions

Those hens, laying eggs, which you buy in the supermarket, are bred on factory. They have no freedom, grass. Moreover they are packed in tight cages. It makes impossible spreading the wings. Such conditions are a real psychological and physical stress for poultry. They are injured by wire floors, which results in leg maladies.


The practice of cutting beaks is common on factories. Razor and hot blades are used for this purpose. Sometimes an infra-red laser at 800˚C is applied. This process is really painful and horrible for chicken. Because of this, many chickens cannot eat and die from lack of water.  The cutting is done to ensure slow behavior, longer duration of sleep, and decreased activity.



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