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8 Puzzling Facts Abt Her Bra!!!

Bras have become quite a popular theme for discussions among moms, girls and even boys!

This piece of clothing has become an inevitable for women’s look nowadays. Ladies wear them every day. Still, there are a lot of contradictory opinions concerning its positive and negative influences on their heath. Except this, bras are full of fun facts, which will certainly entertain you!

Bra Statistics

According to the statistics a woman has 9 bras: 8 of them are sexy to seduce their husband and 1, which they wear every day.

Tracing Back…

In Ancient Greece it was believed that Milky Way was created out of milky drops from the breasting goddess, called Hera.

Boobs Surgery

Breast surgeries are so common in contemporary world. Only in 2013 in USA there were conducted almost 290, 000 breast enlargement operations.

The Biggest Breasts?

According to a number of studies, it was revealed that women from Great Britain have the biggest breasts. Almost half of them wear D cup.

$16 Billion???

You would be puzzled to hear that women in the whole world wasted almost $16 billion on bras during 2015. How much did you spend on them?

Which Is Bigger?

You may believe or not, but your left breast is bigger than your right one. You can check right now!!!

Bra At University?!

If you want to know more facts about bras, you should certainly go to China and take a course of Bra Studies.

Victoria Secret Bra

The most expensive bra in the whole world is VS bra. It costs $15 million. What would you buy for this price?



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