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3 Puzzling Facts About Brain You Never Heard Of!

Brain is one of the most important parts of our organism.

The existence of any human is impossible without it. If we have no brains, we wouldn’t be able thinking, expressing ourselves and feel. Brain consists of 75% of water. It’s the things, which helps us developing and forming ourselves as personalities. Here is the list of facts, you certainly never heard about the brain!

Wrinkles Appear While You Are Learning Something New

Have you very though why there are some people, who are truly very smart. Everything because of the number of wrinkles, they have in their brains. If you have many of them, you will have no problems with learning something new and storing a lot of information.

Billions Of Neurons

Ave you ever thought how many neurons are present in your brains? Be ready to hear the number – 100 billions! Neurons are responsible for passing information to other cells and muscles with the help of an electrical signal.

It Is Painless

Usually, when we feel some pain, it’s the signal of our brain that there is some threat. The brain doesn’t have a sensory ability, that’s why all the commands it gives go though other organs. The headache is explained by the very sensitive tissue around this organ, which has no nerves. The numbness of the brain gives an opportunity to doctors performing various complicated surgeries on the organ.



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