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10 Things You Wish Your Husband Would STOP Posting On Facebook

Since Facebook started, the world has taken notice. Now, it seems like everyone in the world is on the site – including your husband. Remember, you should never judge people by what they put online, but what if they are your partner? What do you do then? Here are some of the things you WISH your husband would stop posting on Facebook!

1. Anything that makes you look old


Basically, if your husband is old, that means that you are too. Awkward. When your special someone starts posting about how things used to be ‘back in the day’ and so on, it only does one thing. It makes him look like a grumpy old man! Eeek. How many times have you had to tell him off for this one?

2. Giving out personal details on Facebook


Are women just smarter than men or something? I’m no genius, but I know that you should never post your bank details on a social media site. So, why is it that I see so many middle-aged men doing this? Ladies warn your husbands, this is so not a good idea.

3. Anything that is even remotely sexual


I’m not being funny but I have friends and family on Facebook. I don’t want them seeing my hubby post anything like this. Sure, it might be a little funny, but this is not what I want my kids to see either. Sometimes, it seems like men just don’t get social media.

4. Anything that shames the kids


Okay, when the kids are naughty, I do get mad. Often, I will end up grounding them or even shouting at them and telling them what they did wrong. THIS is taking things way too far, though. Here’s a dad who wanted to publically shame the kids. That is so not a cool move, and I hope his wife told him so.

5. Things about food…. all the time!


Why is it that men are SO obsessed with food, eh? It seems that, if they’re not talking about sport, they are always on about food. This can be a little awkward. I mean, when I post something about the kids, it’s usually about how lovely and / or cute they are. This person wanted to do the exact opposite. They don’t care about the girl – they just want to eat.

6. Too much information!


Sometimes, men just don’t get that they should keep some things to themselves. Sure, they might be happy that you’re giving birth (yay), but they really don’t need to post it on Facebook for all the world to see. There’s being a proud new dad and then there is THIS. Someone should have told this guy to cool it a long time ago.

7. Things that are negative about women

POW-1Here is one that I honestly will NOT stand for. If my husband posted anything like this, I would seriously kick off! Why is it that men think it’s funny to post things about women online. Sure, their friends might ‘like’ it but their wives will not.

8. Things that make them look stupid


Have these men never heard of a little thing called Google? Sometimes, I think my husband just writes whatever pops into his head as a status and then hopes for the best. Usually, that means that he ends up with stuff like this online. There are no words to describe how this makes me feel. I honestly feel sorry for this guy’s wife.

9. Things that are spelled wrong


When you get to a certain age, there are things that you can no longer get away with. One of those things just so happens to be spelling words incorrectly. It’s so shameful when this happens. After all, you don’t want the whole world knowing that your hubby has no idea how to spell. Believe me, there is a BIG difference between ‘but’ and ‘butt.’

10. Anything about politics


If you want to start an argument online, there is only one surefire way to do so, and that’s to post anything about politics. I know that there are some ladies out there who will feel my pain. Some men feel the need to constantly tell you who they are voting for and why. When will it stop?!

Here are some weird things couple’s do:

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