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Apparently It’s Now Safer To NOT Change Your Passwords All The Time – Here’s Why!

Security officials have now said that we may be SAFER from hackers if we DON’T keep changing out passwords! With massive amounts of personal data being stolen from companies we trusted with our information, the cyber world is rife with paranoia.

However, security officials are now saying that we are SAFER from hackers if we DON’T change our passwords all the time. I know what you’re thinking,  just when you thought sticking with one password was a security risk, we are now being told the opposite. What is that about?


In a new  briefing to power stations, banks and the public sector, cyber experts at CESG – the information security arm of intelligence agency GCHQ has revealed: 

It’s one of those counter-intuitive security scenarios – the more often users are forced to change passwords, the greater the overall vulnerability to attack.

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Most password policies insist that we should regularly change them. However, chances are if we do actually change them, we change them to something very similar.

Turns out, attackers can exploit this, because new passwords are more likely to be forgotten, which leads to the users being locked out for a certain amount of time. This is the perfect time for an attacker to strike.

Consequently, CESG now recommends organisations do not insist on changing passwords.


Shockingly, two-thirds of large businesses have admitted to suffering an attack or security breach in the past year.

This is great news for me because I don’t have the mental capacity to remember more than one password at a time.

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