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9 Things Men Do That Make Our Blood Boil I love my husband, I really do, however there are times when he can be a complete nightmare! This is usually when he is in the house and his bad habit…

I love my husband, I really do, however there are times when he can be a complete nightmare! This is usually when he is in the house and his bad habits are at their highest. He will laze around in his sweats with the remote in his hand, whilst I run around like a headless chicken cleaning up all the mess he has made since he came home from work.

Does your husband drive you insane, too? If he does, I bet you can relate to these 9 aggravating habits my husband has!

Have a see for yourself!

Missing the laundry basket.

He shoots, he scores! No, no he doesn’t. He shoots and completely misses the laundry basket leaving his unwashed jeans on the floor next to the basket. Does he run over to pick them up and put them in the basket? No, he doesn’t. He simply leaves them there, on the floor, for ME to pick up! This drives me insane – it is SO lazy!


Forgetting about the laundry in the machine. 

You give him one simple chore – the laundry. He takes the laundry basket to the machine and puts it in, he presses the ‘ON’ switch, then hey presto, laundry is done. What he doesn’t realise is that laundry cannot stay in the machine for 10 hours until he finally remembers to take it out. He ignores the putrid damp smell and insists the clothes are clean. Boy, I could kill him at times!


Leaving the cereal box open. 

I expect this from the kids, but from a grown man, please give me a break! No wonder I am always at the grocery store!

popboaqigwVia Stircafe/Stircafe

Leaving the bowl like this.

 So He has finished his cereal, left the box open, then he leaves THIS on the kitchen counter. Because the magic cereal fairy is going to deal with this, isn’t she? Pffft!

imgres-1-6Via ipaintiwrite/ipaint

Dirty Footprints.

 You vacuum the house from top to bottom, then he comes home from work and leaves his lovely little footprint all through the house. You follow the footprints until they lead you to the couch he is lay on and give him a peace of your mind! Does he think we ENJOY vacuuming?

imgres-16Via Stircafe/Stircafe

Being too lazy to put the toilet paper where it belongs.

The 30 seconds it takes to place the roll into the paper holder is far too much trouble. SO instead he pops in on top of the holder and hopes I won’t notice. Well I do. It INFURIATES ME!

pog0canyg4Via Stircafe/Stircafe

The toilet seat. 

Okay, even if your hubby doesn’t do any of the above- I am going to bet he does THIS?! All men I know do this – and I’m talking about leaving the toilet seat up! We need one of these stickers I think, don’t you?

2080f3a7fd34c62fb62bbc04f9deca86-1Pinterest/ Toiletseat

Hair, don’t care.

My husband is always blocking the plug hole with his old shaved hair! Or even worse, he just leaves it in the sink for me to see and get rid of! This is SO disgusting, I think I would rather him have a big beard than leave this for me in the sink! GROSS! 

100_7107-1Via Reddit/ Hair

He thinks he owns the TV. 

We don’t ask for much, but an hour to watch our favourite show is far too much to ask! My husband NEVER has the remote out of his hands and even hides it from me when he is out of the house!

Watching-TV-gifVia Giphy / ManTV

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