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You’ve Been Sitting Wrong At Your Workplace Your Entire Life

Work Slouch

Do you sit exactly like this guy while at your 9 to 5 job? If so, you’ve got a lot of work to do on that posture…

8e6b730a60e8ac5e62323cf37ce8e069.600xSit Up!

We get that you’re bored and drained at work, but you might experience constant back pain because you sit like this…

fb5f9278fd87f4dce4aeca64ca780bf7.600xIt Truly Affects You

Even worse, you’ll notice that back pain becomes constant no matter where you are. You’re basically bringing the stress and dullness of your job back home with you in physical form.

30233ecefdfaa71db07eda3497a3c833.600xWrong, Wrong, Wrong

Slouching, huching and sitting directly straight in your chair are all completely bad for you. And yes, we thought 90 degree position was the correct way as well!

10bf1bfd25058e0221a2399b309c260d.600xThe Perfect Position

If you sit at a relaxed yet upright position like this, you’ll notice your muscles are completely relaxed in every way. Besides, who can actually sit at a 90 degree angle for 8 hours a day?! 100-135 degrees is the best way to go!


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