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You Have Been Washing Your Hands Wrong All This Time!

Hand-washing is known to be an easy and quick ways of preventing infections. One should understand when it’s better washing his hands, how using sanitizer, and teach your children following the habit. If you wash your hands frequently, you’ll be able avoiding a lot of infection and bacteria spreading.

When Should I Wash My Hands?

During a day we always touch other people and objects. In such a way we are accumulating a lot of bacteria and germs – this can lead to infections, when you touch some other parts of your body, such as nose, eyes or even mouth. Of course, it’s impossible keeping the hands free from any germs, but washing the hands quite often will help eliminating such risks of getting infections and viruses.

Wash Hands Before Doing This:


– treatment of wounds

– taking care of a sick person

– dealing with contact lenses

Wash Hands After Doing This:


– going to the toilet

-playing with an animal


-dealing with garbage or other chemicals

-shaking hands




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