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Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained No Matter How Long You Look

The Babushka Lady
This woman appears to be taking photos after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, however she was never fund and her photos were never discovered.
Hook Island Sea Monster

This 80 foot creature was spotted by swimming in a lagoon, by a couple in 1964, who took pictures of it before it opened it’s mouth and then swam off


Solway Firth Spaceman

Another weird photo occurred in 1964, when a man took a photo of his little girl, and when the photo was developed, there was, what appeared to be, an astronaut behind her, yet when the man took the photo there were no other people around.


S.S. Watertown Ghosts

When two sailors were killed in a freak accident in 1924, they were buried at sea, but the crew later reported seeing their faces in the waves, following their ship. The captain even took some pictures.


Black Knight Satellite

A tumbling object was spotted in orbit in 1960, but it vanished. Since then, other reports of similar objects have been reported.


Copper Falling Body

When the Copper family moved into their new home, they took a family photo, but when it was developed, a dead body looks to be falling from the ceiling. There is no explanation.


Geophone Rock Anomaly

During its last flight to the moon, Apollo 17 took a photo of the uninhabited cratered planet, which appeared blank from over exposure, but when the contrast was adjusted, a pyramid appeared in the picture.



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