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Ghost Dog: Friend Snaps A Photo As She Spreads Her Dog’s Ashes. Then The Ashes Do Somet… A friend of this woman took a picture of her while she spread her dog’s ashes. The result is stunning.

People Are Now Calling Wagner The “Angel Dog”

People everywhere are seeing this picture on social media, and now Wagner has a new nickname: “The Angel Dog.” It really does look like he’s leaping up to heaven!


The Ghost Of Her Dog Lives On

Could it be that the spirit of Wagner lives on, moving forward to the next life? Whatever the case, it’s clear that during their 12 years together, Ashley and Wagner developed a strong bond. She would certainly like to think that his spirit went to a better place.


When She Threw His Ashes, The Camera Caught This

Ashley was throwing his ashes in the park where the two shared so many joyous memories, when her photographer friend noticed something strange. After he took the picture, he showed Ashley the image. They were both stunned. The ashes were clearly in the shape of a dog, jumping up to the sky.


Ashley Lang’s Dog Just Passed Away

Ashley Wagner recently had to say goodbye to her longtime dog, Wagner. She had him since she was a puppy, and the two grew very close to one another.



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