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Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather Close To Squaring Off In A Billion-Dollar Boxing Match

McGregor Taunting Mayweather On Twitter

Although Conor McGregor has been penalized for backing out of his recently scheduled UFC 200 match, he may have figured out a better gig. McGregor has been taking cheap shots at retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather, on Twitter, saying that he can beat him in a boxing match. He may finally get the opportunity.


First Ever Billion Dollar Fight

It looks like the fight is pretty close to becoming a reality with them finalizing a deal, although there are no dates announced as of yet. Mayweather would be taking home $144 million, with McGregor only earning $7.9 million. But after ticket sales, promotion, and PPV revenues, this might become the first ever billion dollar fight. Although the payouts may seem lopsided, McGregor does not have many options of where he can fight nowadays. Fighting someone with the stature of Floyd Mayweather could help him write his own ticket in the future.


McGregor Would Need To Lose 25 Pounds

McGregor would need to lose about 25 pounds to step into the ring with Mayweather. And, although McGregor is trained in MMA and has an expertise in boxing, this does not merit him to step in the ring with a boxer of Mayweathers caliber, regardless of his age.


McGregor Still In Contract With UFC

The last hurdle in making this fight a reality is McGregor’s still active contract with UFC. His contact states he cannot participate in any extracurricular fights, which is what this would be classified as. If that issue can be addressed, we’re in for one hell of a fight.



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