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11 Exotic Foods I Dare You To Try

1) Century Or Millennium Eggs  


Century eggs smell like sulphur and ammonia, but if you can look past the smell, people say they actually taste quite delicious. What are century eggs though?

Century eggs are a popular Chinese dish and it is made with the eggs of chicken, quail, and duck. However, the technique to make the eggs is more shocking than the actual dish.

Chefs cook the eggs by covering them with clay salt and ash. They preserve the eggs for several months. By preserving the eggs, the egg’s yolk begins to decompose and turn into a green-like jelly mixture.

If you ask for century eggs, the chef will crack open the preserved eggs and serve it to you. The taste of the eggs is strong, but the Chinese seem to love and you never know, you may seem to love it as well.

2) Fried Tarantula


Are you afraid of big hairy spiders? If so, do you know the best defense to beat these suckers?—Eat them! In Cambodia, fried tarantula is considered a common delicacy.

Posh and high-end restaurants and street vendors sell fried tarantula. They fry the hairy beast with salt and garlic. From the outside, it becomes crispy, but from the inside, it is all gooey.

Most people prefer to eat the upper head and the legs, but some brave souls with a strong stomach feast on the spider’s abdomen. Are you willing to try fried tarantula or just the thought of eating the feared creature send shivers down your spine?

3) Wasp Crackers   


Japanese love to eat wasp crackers. They catch the wasp, boil it until it breathes it last breath, and then lather it in batter or dough filled with crumbled crackers.

It looks like a chocolate chip cookie, but the black bits in are anything, but chocolate. They are crushed wasp bits. So, if you are ever in Japan, ask the employee if that is wasp or chocolate bits.

In Japan, they are sold cheap and you can find them about just about anywhere in the country. If you are keen on trying something new, try eating wasp crackers.

4) Haggis   


Haggis is a popular dish to eat in Europe and its origins lie in Scotland. Haggis is made of sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver. They sheep’s internal organs are cooked with onions, spices, and more.

The mixture is placed back inside the sheep’s stomach and simmered. Even though the main ingredients used to make haggis may gross you out, people who have tried it say that it has great texture.

5) Bear Claw    


Believe it or not, but people actually eat bear claw. This Chinese delicacy will cost you a lot of money. It is believed that the bear claw contains medicinal properties to boost your health.

Will you eat the bear claw if you find yourself in China?

6) Balut   


Balut is dish made of duck, but with a twist. In Philippines, they prefer to eat the duck’s eggs than its meat. The chefs make a hole in the egg and inside the egg is a grown embryo.

To eat balut, you need to drink the liquid from it, break the shell, and eat the baby duckling. Often times, the egg is eaten when it is 17 days old.

However, some people eat it when it is 21 days old, as by then, the duckling has developed feathers and beak.

7) Live Cobra Heart  


In Vietnam, they eat live cobra heart. Yes, you heard it right—It’s alive! They do not cook it, but eat it raw. They do not wash the live cobra heart with water either. They wash it in the cobra’s blood.

So, when you get it, you can see the cobra’s blood. Why do people eat cobra heart in the first place? It is believed that the snake’s heart will make people stronger and more powerful.

8) Durian



Durian is a harmless fruit so why is it on this list of exotic foods. Mainly because of its smell, which has been compared to rotten eggs, sewers, rotting flesh, and vomit?

In order to eat it, you will have to place a clothespin on your nose. This fruit has gotten a bad reputation for its smell with airports and hotels in Asia putting a ban on it.

9) Monkey Brains  


In China and in some East-Asian countries, they eat the brains of the monkey. The brain is served either raw or cooked with spices.

In order to find out how they taste, you will have to make a trip to China. However, eating them is a difficult feat.

So, the question is—do you dare to eat monkey brains or is that too much for you to handle?

10) Casu Marzu


Apart from pastas, pizzas, and gelatos, most Italians also love to eat casu marzu. They use the sheep’s milk to create cheese, but that seems okay, right?

No, not at all, as crawling inside the cheese is live insect larvae. To make the cheese, the cheese is decomposed more than it is fermented. The live larva is said to enhance the cheese’s taste, making it more gooey and soft.

Will you be able to take even one bite of the dish or will you scream and ran away at sight of crawling insect larvae?

11) Sannakji    


The West has grown fond of eating sushi, which is raw fish. Will they be as fond of eating live octopus as they are of eating raw fish? In Korea, they slice up the octopus and season it with sesame oil.

When you get it, the tentacles are wriggling and moving on the plate. You have to be careful on how you eat though, as the suction cups can attach themselves to the back of your mouth.





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