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10 Things That Don’t Belong on Your Online Dating Profile

1) Pictures of Your Ex  


You can’t create a future with someone new when you’re still hung up on the past, so there’s absolutely no reason your online dating profile should contain photos of your ex. It doesn’t matter if the two of you are still friends, because potential dates might assume “still friends” actually means “friends with benefits.”

Don’t bother cropping your ex out of your online dating profile pictures. Delete the pictures and take new ones where you’re the only guy or gal in the photo.

Also, don’t post pics of your ex as a warning of what other daters should avoid. We think it’s pretty crazy to do that, yet we’ve still seen numerous profiles with pictures of exes accompanied by captions like “Here’s the jerk who broke my heart.”

Even if you’re no longer hung up on your ex, you might be making other mistakes on your online dating profile. Read on to learn about 9 other things that have no place in your dating description.

2) Gibberish


Look, we totally get it…online dating sites ask for a ton of info when you sign up, and you might not have time to write hundreds of words about your hobbies and lifestyle when you first join.

Just make sure you delete things like “afoeaureojafdj Hey peeps, just typing random stuff to hit word count ljdorjadrioejre” as quickly as possible. Leaving up stuff like that for too long makes you look lazy, and it sends a message that you don’t take online dating seriously.

3) Sob Stories    


It’s a shame your ex left you for another woman after draining your bank account, and it totally sucks that your parents hate you and your grandma is in the hospital yet again. Your online dating profile isn’t the place for these sad stories, though. When you join a dating site, potential partners want to know a little about you…not a lot about you.

Treat your online dating profile as more of a job application than a journal. Sharing too much too soon can scare off potential dates, and it also leaves very little to talk about during your first outing together. You can tell your date all about your control-freak parents and obnoxious boss when the time is right, like after you’ve had a few dates together.

4) Controversial Comments  


If you’re the kind of person who loves posting political rants on Facebook or sharing discriminatory memes, you might think of your online dating profile as another outlet for your controversial thoughts. It isn’t.

This is especially true if your personal beliefs are offensive to other races or cultures. Yes, it’s a free country, and you have the right to believe whatever you want…but you don’t necessarily have the right to post taboo thoughts on a dating website where you aren’t the owner.

It’s okay to briefly mention that you’re a Republican in your dating profile. It’s not okay to write 5 paragraphs about how you think Obama is the biggest idiot ever.

5) Stock Photos


What are you hiding? Possibly nothing, but that’s not what potential dates are going to think when they see your stock photo in a search for local singles.

The same goes for blurry photos or pictures where your face is cropped out. Fellow singles are going to assume you’re either married, crazy, or an on-the-run felon if you refuse to show your actual picture.

6) Pessimistic Statements    


Nobody wants to date a guy or gal with no self esteem and zero faith in others. If your online dating profile contains any statements like the ones below, delete them ASAP:

“I know nobody will message me, but…”

“Where are the real women at?”

“Are all guys on here cheaters?”

“You’ll probably just break my heart like my ex if you message me.”

“The women on here are so shallow and superficial, so none of you will probably contact me.”

7) Too Many “I” Statements    


Your online dating profile is all about you. Prospective dates want to know who you are and what you like.

Be careful not too sound like too much of a braggart, though. Limit your “I” statements, and take some time to reference the needs of your future partner.

Here’s an example of a description on a dating website with too many “I” statements:

“I like soccer, hockey, and football. I work as a financial consultant. I’m attractive, funny, and smart. I like to go out to dinner on a first date. I have 2 grown children and 3 dogs.”

Here’s how you can make the above description better:

“When I’m not spending the day in the office as a financial consultant, I enjoy catching a hockey, soccer, or football game. I also enjoy spending time with my 2 grown children and playing with my 3 dogs. Dinner at a local restaurant makes a great first date, but I’m open to other suggestions. Tell me what you’re into, and we can go from there.”

8) Group Photos  


Are you the guy in yellow or the girl in the blue shirt? Nobody really knows, so they might not feel comfortable messaging you. People like to know who they’re actually talking to.

9) Promotional Content


Repeat after us: Dating sites are for finding dates, not for promoting your business.

It’s great that you have a successful business selling houses, Tupperware, or body wraps, but the singles in your area don’t care about that. They don’t want to view a spammy dating profile filled with links to your website.

10) Claims About Your Kindness  


Don’t say stuff like “I’m the nicest girl you’ll ever meet” or “I hope it isn’t true that nice guys always finish last, because I’m genuinely a good guy.”

Sadly, those statements are often made by crazy, controlling people.  Not that we’ve, uh, had any exes like that or anything.



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