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The Truth Behind Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Illusion Is Unbelievable

Michael Jackson, the king of pop is the greatest entertainer we have known. He had given us great music, great dance moves and greatest of showmanship. Some of his iconic moves include moon walk and many others.

But what if told you he was also a very creative genius which led him to create the patented anti-gravity lean.

The iconic Anti-gravity Lean, first performed on Smooth Criminal, and very smoothly


The pictures filed with the patent


MJ created these shoes along with the help of Michael L. Bush and Dennis Tompkins in 1992.

They designed the shoes to be stylish and for the task


Showing how the upper part of the shoes were modified in order to provide maximum flexibility in boot form.

The most important aspect of it all, the heel


The heels of the shoes were designed so as to hinge a person to the floor, with the help of strong nails on the floor the persons’ legs were fixed on which one can lean quite a bit over the toppling point in the forward direction.

With lots of practice and strength and perfect execution


It became the greatest mystery of the time and was also the point of revolution in the field of performing arts for the use of such genius designs. As for Michael Jackson, he always went forward and is still one of the greatest in the field.

The Google document stating the details of the patent for the shoes.





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