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If Your Tendon Pops Out Your Wrist Like This, THIS Is What It Means – Utterly Fascinating!

The Wrist Test

“With your arm on a flat surface, push your thumb against your pinky and tip y our hand slightly up….”


Palmaris Longus

“If you see a raised band in the middle of your wrist, you’ve got a vestigial muscle in your forearm. That tendon you see connects to the Palmaris Longus. This is the muscle that 10 -15 % of people are missing on one or both of their arm!”


Forgotten Muscle

“It doesn’t make them any weaker though, there’s no difference in grip strength. In fact it’s one of the first tendons that surgeons will take out so that they can use it in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.”


Use It Or Lose It

The muscle is much longer in primates such as Lemur’s and monkey’s, as they use their forearms to move around on a daily basis.


Forgotten Muscles

There are plenty of left over muscles humans have in their body, including these three surrounding the ear…we don’t get much movement out of them, but they’re there!




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