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This Illegal Prime Number Can Land You In Prison, So Be Cautious!

Apart from the laws being one of the most important side of being a social human being, there are lot many inscrutable ones. Like, did you know that playing bingo in North Carolina is out of law? Or playing with greased-up pigs in Minnesota is even against the law.

Yeah, these laws may sound nonsensical but you won’t believe there are few other laws in the United States that are considered illegal, one of them being playing cards on a Sunday in Alabama. So I guess this won’t come as a surprise to you that there is such thing as an illegal number.

Well, let’s have a glimpse into its insight story.

There is such number whose possession could get you behind bars


If you publish this number on website or pen it down or even scribble it as notes, you could land yourself into a big trouble. Yes, this is the illegal prime number that can get you arrested.

But how a prime number can make you violate the law?


This is the most logical question you can think. What’s there in this number that the Unites States would want it to protect much? There is a reasoning behind it and here it is.

Actual reason lying behind the number.


Well, it all has to do with the encryption and Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which criminalized the creation and dissipation of tools used for circumventing copyright measures.

Prime numbers used for DVD copyright protection.


Prime numbers are likely known as special unicorns in the field of mathematics. Prime numbers play a crucial role in decryption of DVD copyright protection so that they can be downloaded.

How does prime number matters?


Every prime number has a stake in our lives be it for locking down our online bank accounts or Apple smartphones. Encrypted data makes use of prime numbers with thousands of digits. So finding them is a much harder task.

Bigger numbers, better security.


Some companies pay thousands of dollars for a prime number. And hence the bigger the number, the more secure it is. And so it is much valuable.

Video explaining about the number more deeply



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