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Millionaire Lifestyle: 17 Stupefying Indoor Pools That Will Leave You Green With Envy

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Anyone who tells you that they don’t want to be a millionaire is probably lying. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t dream of living a luxurious lifestyle at least once in their life? Living the dream of luxury comes with endless perks from the latest cars to lavish mansions. If you were to become a millionaire, one of the first things many might want is a mansion with an indoor pool. Take a look at these 17 indoor pools that will make you green with envy.


This indoor pool truly looks like it is straight from a cruise ship! With ambient lighting and the beautiful arching design in the ceiling, the column and stair-level design in the pool itself welcome guests anytime. The hardwood floors are a nice contrast to the blue water and ceiling and the chairs and loungers look straight from the beach with their white cushions and clean lines.


If you want the best of both worlds – indoor and outdoor – why not paint the ceiling to look like a bright sky above your indoor pool? This pool brings the outdoors inside with the long wall of windows that allow guests to enjoy the pool without worrying about the weather. Add in a small Jacuzzi pool in the corner and it truly doesn’t get much better than this!


This unique indoor pool looks like an elegant work of art. Nestled in a two-story room, the gorgeous design offers the perfect lighting to enhance the shape and color of the pool. With added balcony railings that reflect the shape of the pool itself and an elegant overhead fixture that resembles a waterfall, this pool seems far too pretty to dive into!


Did you have to look twice to make sure this was an indoor pool? From the white couches to the placement in the room, this pool is incredibly luxurious and modern. Walking in the front door of the house, imagine seeing the plush couches, floor-to-ceiling windows, and massive dual waterfalls. With a huge space and an open layout, this pool truly is the focus of the room


Can you imagine sitting in the pool inside your home while you look out over the ocean and watch the sunset? The worries of sand in your toes or hauling beach chairs are gone with this multi-shaped pool. With a beautiful view paired with ornate patterns in the floor tile, pool, and ceiling, the wall of windows makes for the view of a lifetime.

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Once again, we see that painting the ceiling to mirror the sky is a common feature of indoor pools. This regal design elevates the room with its columns and ceiling while providing a beautiful escape with the windows at the end and light color palette. Here, you can feel the warmth and beauty of the outdoors with ease.


This double feature contains both an indoor pool and a hot tub Jacuzzi that fit in elegantly with the space. The white and neutral color palette enhance the royal blue of the Jacuzzi lights as well as the color of the pool. The patterned tile carries its theme from the floor into the pool itself and reflects the color palette of the room. To top it off, guests can enjoy a gorgeous view with a wide range of windows the meet the edge of the pool.


We’ve seen long rows of windows but we’ve yet to see a room like this where a massive open door allows the elements of the outside to come inside when the weather is ideal. To add to the beauty of this elegant room, another pool awaits outside complete with lawn chairs and an exquisite backdrop of mountains.


This two-story indoor pool area easily welcomes visitors with its luscious blue water. From the white couches to the beautiful windows, guests can easily enjoy time in the hot tub or in the pool while taking in a beautiful garden view. With the addition of green trees, the outdoors are beautiful incorporated into this chic design.


For a pool that truly looks bottomless, this indoor space looks like part of a high-end nightclub featuring posh parties and celebrities. From the exquisite marble pillars to the unique gold lighting, guests will no doubt get the royal treatment when they take a dip in the pool. Add in not one but two elegant staircases and we have no doubt this pool experience is unforgettable!


One of the most elegant pools on our list, this indoor pool is truly breathtaking, A simple stroll down the stairs to the level of the pool and guests are blown away the beautiful detail and lighting. Mirroring the painting of jellyfish on the wall, the purple and gold hues are enhanced by a gorgeous waterfall that allows guests to swim underneath the unique feature.


Why worry about seeing the city from an observation town when you can have your own private light show from the comfort of your indoor pool? Never worry about relaxation again when you can swim overlooking the expanse of the beautiful city with its skyscrapers and lights rain or shine. With a simple design, the view is the focal point of this gorgeous indoor pool.


Sometimes, we have grand ideas like putting an indoor pool inside the living room. Most of the time, these ideas never see the light unless, of course, you live in this house where the pool is actually off of the living room! This tremendous pool offers funky lighting and an open space that backs up to the living room where guests can watch television and visit while others take a quick dip to relax.


Sometimes, indoor pools are less about swimming and more about enjoying the room and view. This pool is a haven of relaxation that makes us think the pool might in fact never get used! From the soft lighting and candles to the white-draped chairs, this indoor pool looks like a luxurious spa.


Our best guess is that this pool, like the one in the living room above, was also not originally planned. This basement has obviously been transformed into an indoor pool complete with a water slide and hot tub for guests to enjoy. We can’t help but love the wood features from the hardwood floors and furniture to the beams in the ceiling.


While this pool is far from the largest or deepest on the list, we think it’s probably one of the most relaxing. From the skylights to the candles, the lighting is perfect as it enhances the traditional yet elegant blue tile. The plants bring in a touch of the outdoors and add to the calming serenity of this unforgettable space.


We love the beautiful shapes and structures featured in the last indoor pool on our list. With a regal style, the pool takes on a different shape and is enhanced by massive pillars that add feelings of grandeur to the room. The patterned and opened ceiling paired with the subtle lighting make this room one of our favorites!

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