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Here Is The Surprising Reason Why ‘F’ And ‘J’ Have Raised Ridges On Keyboard

1 No One Ever Notices This About Keyboards

All of us have noticed that certain keys on a keyboard have raised edges on them. But very few of us have ever asked ourselves why. Most of us just don’t care and never bother to find out. But the answer might surprise you…


2 All Modern Keyboards Have This

All modern keyboards share the same feature- a small raised ridge on both the ‘f’ and ‘j’ key. Why?


3 You’ve Been Using A Keyboard Wrong This Entire Time

As it turns out, these ridges are put there for a very good reason. It’s to help you type easier, and after finding out how, you’ll realize that you’ve been using a keyboard wrong this entire time.


4 The Actual Reason

This feature was designed and implemented in 2002. It’s to help you put your fingers in the correct places on the keyboard without actually looking at the keyboard.


5 It Increases Your Typing Speed

By using this feature, you can increase your typing speed exponentially. Give it a try.


6 Place Your Index Fingers On ‘F’ And ‘J’

To properly type, place your index fingers on ‘f’ and ‘j.’ This is the correct hand placement for typing.


7 Correct Hand Placement

As you can see, this is the correct hand placement technique. The left hand should cover a, s, d, and f. The right hand should cover, j, k, l, and ;. The thumbs cover the space bar.



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