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12 Extraordinary Ancient Things The History Has Witnessed. #7 Is A Killer!

Historical things have always been a source of attraction and they reveal an impression of culture whether it’s Greek or Roman. Ancient tools and relics blow out the mind of every single person towards the ancestors and their existence. Things like ivory statues, gold jewelry, copper trinkets, or may be a few bronze coins are amazing enough to explore.

If you think in archeological terms, you will find predate recorded history that is beyond imagination. Here, we have found some of the oldest objects in the world that are actually much more historical than you would typically watch out in museums.

Take a look and find yourself, if you have ever seen anything or heard about these extraordinary objects ever before.

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1. Oldest material – zircon crystal


Oldest known material formed on earth, founded in 2001Ā in a part of Western Australia on a sheep ranch. ItsĀ age is rated by scientistsĀ about 4.4 billion years ago which is pretty closer since the planet was formed.

2. Historic sex toy


Ancient people carved thisĀ 8 inches long and 3 centimeters wide, hard rock sex toy 28,000 years ago. A piece of highly polished siltstone that tickled the German scientists after digging it up and announcing it as oldest sculpted phallic device.

3. Oldest song written


A historical sheet of music excavated on clay tablets was ever discovered in the Syrian city of Ugarit. The tablet age is around 1,400 B.C. and contains an entire hymn dedicated as a tribute to Nikal, the moon god’s wife. Surprisingly, the writing on the stone included detailed notes of music accompanied by a harpist.

4. A prosthetic toe


A false toe fashioned out of wood and leather which was buried 3,000 years ago was discovered with Egyptian mummies. According to researchers, the toe was buried with a body of a woman who lived between 950 B.C. and 710 B.C.

5. An ancient first ever weaved skirt


Antiquated knitted skirt founded in the Armenian caves that are roughly around 5,900-year-old. The same cave was the location of many other items like the oldest shoe and other cloth materials which indicated that the area must have been inhabited for centuries.

6. An ancient purse


During excavating a site near Leipzig, Germany, archeologists explored this oldest purse which has more than a hundred dog teeth neatly arranged. The creatively decorated object was graved roughly around 2,500 B.C., which revealed the fashionable history of historical times.

7. Swiss army knife


The oldest knife which isn’t Swiss in origin but looks like forefather of all those versatile knives that were manufactured by companies like Victorinox and Leatherman. This ancient toolĀ was found in theĀ Mediterranean in the early 1990’s and by its features assumed to beĀ originated fromĀ the second century Roman Empire.

8. Musical instruments


The researchers in 2012 found this 43,000 years old musical instruments made from mammoth ivory and bird bone. Dug out from the caves in southern Germany are now regarded as early evidence of central Europe’s occupation and technological innovations by modern humans.

9. A piece of chewing gum


Made from birch bark tar, this 5,000-year-oldĀ piece of NeolithicĀ chewing gum was discovered by aĀ 23-year-old British archeology student. Sarah Picken found this piece with tooth marks on it while on a dig in Finland.

10. Aged marijuana stash


The green plant material of almost 2 pounds which were found in a 2,700-year-old grave in the Gobi desert. It underwent a barrage of tests and got identified as world’s oldest marijuana stash.

11. Treasured footwear


A well-preserved shoe which was found along with the oldest weaved skirt in the caves of Armenia with the other artifacts from the copper age. ThisĀ 5,500-year-old moccasin-like shoe was made with the whole-cut technique and single piece of cowhide leather.

12. Carved stone tools


With the age of 3.3 million years old stone tools found in Kenya, near Lake Turkana, which is yielded with several ancient artifacts of early humans.




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