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10 Signs an Online Degree Program is Right for You

1) Your Schedule is Packed        

Packed-ScheduleIt might seem odd for us say that you’re a great candidate for a degree from an online college if you have a packed schedule, but hear us out. There are so many reasons why online degree programs are perfect for busy folks.

If you lead a busy life, enrolling in traditional classes at a local community college or university can be impossible. You have to arrive on campus at a specific time, on a specific day, each week – for an entire semester. That won’t work if you regularly put in overtime or have open availability at your job, nor will it work if you have kids who are involved in a ton of extracurricular activities at their own schools.

Online degree programs are perfect for busy people because they’re flexible. You often have a few days to complete assignments or tests for online college classes. On rare occasions when you have to take exams or do lab experiments on campus, professors typically schedule several time slots to ensure that all of the students can make it to at least one of them.

Oh, and you know why else people with packed schedules are great candidates for distance learning programs? Busy people know how to prioritize. They know how to make space for important things, like getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, by rescheduling or cancelling other activities.

2) You’re Tech Savvy    

tech-savvy-e1453827254525Online college classes require basic tech skills. If you have an advanced understanding of technology, you’ll find it even easier to succeed at online colleges and universities.

Here are a few things you should know how to do before taking enrolling in a distance learning program:

  • Create a Word document
  • Save files as Zip files
  • Send an email
  • Access the Internet
  • Perform Google searches

These are just basic skills you should have before enrolling in an online college course. If you don’t have these skills yet, don’t panic. Sometimes you can find online college courses and distance learning programs that teach students how to master technology  through DVD lectures, YouTube videos, and audio files.

3) You’re Motivated  

Motivated-e1453827261127When you enroll in online college classes, you’ll quickly discover that you’re on your own. Sure, you’ll have tons of support via email and forums for your online university, but you’re on your own when it comes to reading the course content, listening to video or audio files, and studying for exams.

If you’re an ambitious person who does whatever it takes to meet your goals, you’ll be just fine. It doesn’t matter whether you want an online business degree or plan to pursue a psychology degree online – you’ve got this under control.

4) You Can Afford It

Online college classes typically cost more than classes at a brick-and-mortar university, especially if you enroll in classes at an accredited online college. Many students put off achieving their educational goals because they’re worried they can’t afford it.

Before you do a frantic search for the cheapest online college, repeat after us: EVERYBODY can afford online college degree programs. Yes, even you.

Start by filling out the FAFSA. It’s free to complete the FAFSA, and you’ll know whether you qualify for loans or Pell Grants right away.

You can also apply for loans from private lenders or ask if your school has any scholarships. There are thousands, possibly even millions, of college scholarships available for eligible students.

5) You Rock at Grammar  

grammar-e1453827277561Are you awesome when it comes to written communication? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to love taking online college classes.

Many online college classes require a significant amount of written communication. You have to email your teacher when you have a question. You discuss lessons and lectures in an online forum. You submit essays and provide detailed responses to questions that aren’t multiple choice.

If you’re not a grammar pro, consider brushing up on the basics before you enroll in a distance learning program. Sites like Purdue OWL and Grammar Girl explain complex grammatical terms and provide helpful examples.

6) You Enjoy Learning          

college-student-e1453827286444Ask your friends and family members why they attend a traditional college or university, and you might be surprised to learn the answer isn’t always “Because I want a degree.”

Some students go to brick-and-mortar colleges to meet a significant other, find local friends after moving to a new area, earn more money at work, or simply kill time. Online colleges typically lack the social aspect of brick-and-mortar colleges, so if you genuinely enjoy learning, you’ll probably do better at an online college than someone who just wants to find a wife or find new drinking buddies.

7) You Want a Better Life  

better-life-e1453827294544Tired of racking up long hours at a job you hate or overdrafting your checking account just to pay the rent on time? Attending an accredited online university can help you create the life you’ve always wanted.

8) You Recognize Scams  

scam-e1454033018578It’s important to be careful when you enroll in online college classes. Tons of websites offer a list of online colleges, but you can’t automatically trust them when they claim they’re all good online colleges.

If you recognize scams, you’ll be just fine. Don’t get lured in by empty promises and flashy graphics. Look for online colleges that are accredited. Make sure your credit hours will transfer if you decide to switch to another university.

9) You’re Patient  

patience-e1453827324432When you attend classes on a traditional campus, you can raise your hand or stay after class if you have a question about the lesson. That’s not the case with online college classes. If you’re a patient person, you won’t find it hard to wait for a response after you email your teacher or post on an online discussion board.

10) You Have Medical Issues

patient-e1453827316235Chronic medical conditions, such as anxiety and fibromyalgia, can make it difficult to thrive in traditional college courses. Online college classes make it convenient to learn wherever you are, even if you’re experiencing a fibro flare or feeling too overwhelmed to deal with people in person.



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