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A Mom Writes To Her Daughters On Mother’s Day And It’s Winning Hearts All Over The Internet

My dear daughters,

Tomorrow is Mother’s day. This mother’s day, your mom has something very important to tell you.

I have seen a lot of things in my life. I always wanted to stand stong on my feet; I wanted to work. Before I married your father I used to work, I loved my job. But once I married your dad, I had a different life, I had to leave my job. Your father was a self-made man, his strong shoulders and his words, “You do so much for the home, and you get so tired after these daily chores. How are you supposed to work anymore?” These words and his love for me put me in a magic spell. I knew that I was safe, and you were so little, I felt like you both should never be out of my sight. You were growing, and I never wanted to miss any single moment of your life, I became greedy for you.

But today when your father has left the World, this seems to have been a really wrong decision.

If I would still be working, you would not have to face all those difficulties that we are facing today. All these financial constraints would not exist. Both of you have to compromise in a lot of ways, and my heart breaks everytime I see that happen. If your father were here, all of this would be different; our lives would be different. I think about it all the time. Time changes, girls. It never stops. If you, my dear daughters are facing bad time today, there will come a time- when you will have happy lives.

Today, I want to ask you one and only one thing. Always stand on your own feet, keep working. For yourself and your happiness, do whatever your heart says, follow what you love and never leave it…no matter what anyone says.

I wish you all beautiful, wonderful daughters of the world a great life ahead and a lot of blessings for the future to come. Make your mothers and fathers proud.




This is she, converting all the lemons life has given her into yummy, tasty lemonades.

767h6d5dblrz4yf4ixjhAsk your mom that one thing that she would want to remember all your life. The hard truth is that no one is to stay in your life forever, do not take anything for granted. Why only today, celebrate every day with her. And this Mother’s day lets take a pledge to love her, adore her, respect her and love her.

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Here is the letter. This is where it all started.




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