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10 Frightening Facts About Aghori Saints That Will Give You Sleepless Nights

Aghori saints are known for the weird and abysmal rituals performed by them. They indulge in cannibalism, rituals using human skulls and $ex with human corpses. Aghoris also engage in smoking, taking alcohol and drugs. They can be easily spotted in black clothes and long black hair.

These saints mostly reside in ritual burning areas far from the public places. They are predominantly found in the holy city Varanasi India. Besides Varanasi, Aghori saints are also found in the cold caves of Himalaya, wild forests of Bengal and hot deserts of Gujarat. Check out the 10 frightening facts associated with Aghori saints.

1) Aghori saints are the ardent followers of Goddess Kali.


They believe that Goddess Kali demands satisfaction through meat, alcohol and $ex. So, they get involved in all the bizarre rituals to please her.

2) Aghoris consume feces, urine and human corpse.


Like other saints, they live in celibacy but have $ex with human dead bodies.

3) Aghori saints seek purity in the filthiest activities.


They remain focused on God while having $exual intercourse with corpse or eating human brain.

4) Aghori saints like to share their meals with dogs and cows.


They wear ashes just like clothes to protect themselves from diseases and mosquitoes.

5) Human skull is the true symbol of Aghori saints.


They consider fire pit as temple and haunted home as place of worship.

6) Aghori saints prefer to meditate at the graveyard.


They usually carry out meditation during late night to get peace and magical powers.

7) Instead of blessing, Aghori saints curse people in a profane way.


They even throw feces on general public.

8) Aghori saints are notorious for their gross eating habits.


They eat feces, urines and human corpses in order to kill the ego and achieve the status of bizarre saint.

9) Aghoris perform cannibalism openly in public.


They like eating raw corpses from cremating grounds.

10) Aghori saints have a peculiar fashion sense.


These saints believe in the total renunciation of the material world. They use skimpy jute loin cloth or ash for covering their body. Aghoris wear human skulls as jewelry around their necks.

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