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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Brad Pitt!

Brad Pitt is a sex symbol not only in Hollywood, but in the whole world.

However, there’re some things you didn’t know about him.

1. He worked in a chicken suit to welcome guests at the restaurant in Hollywood.

2. His fellows called him Pitt-Bull.

3. He reserved a flight to space in 2010.

4.  He used to get drunk during the set of Troy.

5. He has released furniture with his design.

6. He sleeps with Angelina Jolie and kids in one bed.

7. He is a relative of Barack Obama. They are ninth cousins.

8. He locked children’s computers, so they can’t google him and Angelina.

9. He dated to Juliette Lewis when she was 16.

10. He is a fan of Jackass show.



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