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How To Get Ready For Pregnancy?

Not an easy decision to make, isn’t it?

Many couples are dreaming of having a baby, make a plan, visit the doctors on regular basis and even buy a baby linen. They seem to be so calm and confident in what they are doing. But there is another kind of couples who are a bit scared, insecure and don’t really know how to get prepared for the pregnancy even! Here are some tips for the ones who don’t know exactly what to do before getting pregnant:

Visit a doctor

Sounds obvious but not many couples follow this advice. Do a thorough check of your body, which concerns not only  women but men as well. Figure out what infections or diseases you might have and get rid of them before you get pregnant.

Folic Acid

No need to panic it is just a vitamin B which is essential for a woman’s and a baby’s health. It is highly advised to take 400 micrograms of folic acid at least one month before pregnancy, as it prevents the possible birth defects of the baby.


If you seriously decided to get pregnant it is time to say goodbye to your cigarettes, a favorite bottle of wine or beer or any other addictive items, as it can lead to serious issues during the pregnancy for both woman and her baby.

Healthy weight

People who suffer from overweight or obesity are more likely to get complications during pregnancy, can get various kinds of cancer and even heart diseases. To keep up with a normal weight and having a healthy lifestyle will not only help your baby, but you in the first place.

Food for fertility

Yes, there are certain foods or dishes that boost your fertility, so don’t forget to include to your daily meals such food as: whole milk, lean turkey, chicken or beef, whole grain bread, salmon and wild berries. Such menu looks extremely delicious, don’t it?

These easy steps will get you at least a bit prepared for the biggest event of your life, the most interesting stuff will come after the baby’s arrival!



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