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How To Develop A Good Memory?!

If you notice you forget things or it’s difficult for you to learn new information, your memory definitely needs to be improved.


If you won’t provide your brain with the food which is essential for healthy being and your memory, in particular of course it causes bad memory. Try to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, vitamins especially.

Brain Working

If you don’t work on your memory and brain’s abilities there’s no good memory exist for you. You can’t learn a poem for example, if you have never did it before. It means that every day you should learn something, at first start from a small amount of information and keep learning adding more each day. You’ll see how easy for you to learn something. Don’t forget to play something, it should be game which make you think.

Physical Exercising

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about to work out, as health of your brain and body are closely connected. The healthier you’re the more information you learn. Your body and brain during the physical exercises receive a dose of oxygen without it would be impossible to think and improve your memory.

Sleep Enough

Sleep is another part of a good and strong memory. When you sleep you regain the power and energy, also there’s a process of sorting the information you’ve learned.

Away Of Stress

Stress is an enemy for your memory. Stressful situations make you weak and to forget about important things you should remember. Try to relax once a week and regain the harmony with yourself.

One Task

Don’t try to cope with different things at the same time. Your brain is overloaded and can’t work properly what causes forgetfulness. Focus on the important one thing until you’re done with it and continue.

New Challenges

When you try to do something you’ve never tried before, your brain gets more skillful and the memory also becomes stronger.


Don’t forget to laugh. It’s also one of the instruments to improve the memory quality. Laughing effects brain’s part which are responsible for memory. That’s why have some fun with friends or enjoy your evening watching a comedy.

Mnemonic Technique

If you find it difficult to remember something, there’re a lot of ways to do it. It’s called mnemonic way of memory. So if you have to remember important information like date or number, etc, use association with something and it will remind you about it, or connect the information to something what also will help you to not forget it, like color, song, rhyme and so on.



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