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False Things You Believe About Your Body

Some Myths About Your Body

bed12Sometimes we believe the craziest things about our bodies and metabolism and it’s just not true.

Yellow Teeth Are Alright

health1Some people just have their teeth yellow, it’s not a weird thing and it happens more than you know, whitening can actually harm your teeth and gums.

Fasting Damages Your Metabolism

health2Only if you go more than 3 days without eating anything can there be serious damage to your body.

People Who Don’t Sleep 8 Hours Get Sick

health3Studies have shown that sleeping more than 8 hours it’s not beneficial to our bodies and that getting 5 hours of sleep it’s more than enough for some people.

6 Smaller Meals Is Better

health4Although eating 6 small meals a day it’s not damaging it also doesn’t help any more or less than having three hearty meals a day.

Muscles Help Your Metabolism

health5Building muscles can help burn some calories but it doesn’t give a boost your metabolism.

Pee Makes The Sting Of Jellyfish Lessen

health6Studies have shown that pee makes the sting worse.

Night Reading Can Damage Your Eyes

health7This isn’t true, while reading in dim light places can be straining for your eyes it won’t cause any permanent damage.

Eating Some Veggies Fastens Your Metabolism

health8While peppers and cinnamon might give your metabolism a temporary boost nothing happens long term.

Wet Hair Equals A Cold

health9Colds and the flu are viruses and there’s no way that wet or cold hair could make you sick.

Sucking Bites Helps

health10Sucking on a bite will only get it infected, just wash it with soap and keep it lower than your heart while you seek help.

If You Shave Hair Grows Back Bigger

health12That’s not true, it’s just the way hair looks while it’s growing that makes us think this.

Growing Old Slows Your Metabolism

health13It does but it’s not as bad as people think, it’s a very slow and even process.

No Weight Loss = Slow Metabolism

health15-1This might be true but if you stay on a healthy meal plan and exercise you can keep any shape you desire, your metabolism won’t be an impediment.

The Faster Your Metabolism The Less Muscle You Build

health16You have a hard time building muscle because you are not eating enough protein, don’t blame your metabolism for this.



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