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15 Celebrities Who Failed In Yoga Pants

While I doubt very much that it will ever be considered chic or trendy to wear sweatpants out in public or to a club, yoga pants have definitely been let out of the yoga studio and are now worn everywhere by the hottest celebrities. Now, that’s not to say that ALL celebrities who wear a pair of yoga pants wear them successfully. Nope. Even the biggest, hottest stars can absolutely FAIL when it comes to putting these stretchy pants on. In fact, here are 15 celebs who failed pretty damn hard at wearing yoga pants:



Let’s start with the queen of fashion herself, Miss Kim Kardashian. So, Kimmy K. is considered by millions, nay, BILLIONS to be a fashion expert, and we’re sure she considers herself a fashion expert as well. If that’s the case then please explain to us how you could let this yoga pants fail happen. Listen, when you have as much junk in your trunk as Kim does, you need to make sure you can SAFELY squeeze it all into your pants.



Russell Brand is obviously a smart guy. Ask him his ideas about politics he’ll speak eloquently for 20 minutes (plus in that cool accent). Ask him about world peace and transcendental meditation, he’ll have a lot of smart things to say. But he doesn’t know everything, clearly. For instance, he doesn’t know that he looks idiotic in these yoga pants that he has paired with flip-flops and a sweater.



Here’s another Kim that failed miserably at wearing yoga pants. No, this particular fail does not have to do with wearing purple pants with those gold hooker boots. Although, yes, clearly this is a fail. But the BIGGER fail is the very distinguished camel toe she is sporting. Girl, you better tuck that toe away.


1413259032431_Image_galleryImage_Shia_LaBeouf_seen_arrivinShia LaBeouf is a fine young actor who started out weird looking but then became cute as hell. But these days he is known more for his off-camera antics than his on-camera acting. He’s also known for running around Southern Los Angeles in these hot pink yoga pants. Um, LaBeouf, we can see some of your stuff and… it doesn’t look great.



If you are like me, you were led to believe that Anne Hathaway was perfect and could do no wrong. But such is not the case as is evidenced here in this yoga pants fail. Even Anne Hathaway, who is so much better than most of us ever will hope to be, is susceptible to the occasional camel toe.



Here is another celeb who is known for having mad junk in her trunk. Which is not to say that her junk is angry… but I AM angry at this image. Come on, did you turn around in front of a mirror and look at the disaster happening behind you in these pants? That fabric cannot handle your booty. Try Kevlar, it’s supposed to be fairly durable and can maybe stand up to all that junk.



I would like to start out by saying that Kelly Brooke has an amazing figure. That thick hourglass shape is sexy and looks so good in most of the clothes she wears. Just not these yoga pants, and can you guess why? Don’t let the bold pattern of the fabric distract your eye and you will clearly see another victim of camel toe (CT).



Hold up. Can you even believe this is Paris Hilton’s a$$? She has more of it than I ever remember that skinny white girl having. Did she buy some recently? At any rate, uhhhh, I would like to invite you to NOT dress like a wh*re and put some damn underwear on.



Even washed up celebrities are subject to yoga pants fails. We will say that Mickey Rourke, who used to be so freaking cute back in the day, has failed miserably not only at reviving his career but also in wearing these very-fitted neon green yoga pants. You’re just not helping your cause, Mick.



I’ve got to say right up top that I am a fan of Kristen Bell. She has always seemed like a cool and really funny person. But be that as it may, I still have to put her on this fail list because in this pic we can see KB has no a** whatsoever. Today’s female celebs either have way too much booty or simply not enough. Can’t those with extra junk share with the others?


4a77dd841f0ef97bd0ea4b63f734ae6aOh Iggy. Iggy, Iggy, Iggy. First of all. I like much of your music and think it’s cool that a white girl from Australia could dominate the hip hop world so mad props (are the kids still saying that?). Anyway, let me get to my point which is that your butt is just too big to wear stretchy material. Do ya feel me? You’d have an easier time covering that big-a** booty with a hope and a prayer than with stretchy fabric. Word.



When you’re a Cuban-born glamour model that has curves in all the right places you can pretty much get away with anything. I’ll bet she’s never gotten a speeding ticket in her life. But we have to call this a fail because it looks like her pants are actually pulling themselves down. Not sure what the hell is going on exactly but it ain’t right. Vida owns it though.



Like daughter like mother. Perhaps yoga pants fails (forever to be called YPF) run in the bloodline. Now first we will say good for KJ to show the younger crowd that you can actually dress up a pair of yoga pants. It’s just that when that wind blew up we got a glimpse of what was happening under that shirt. The pleats are not a good look nor is the dreaded CT.



Yep, confirmation that YPF is all in the family. Did Khloe intentionally want to show off this much of her behind? It’s hard to tell with this family. I don’t know if you noticed but they are rather a showy family. At any rate, whether she meant to or not, I don’t want to see it which is why I’m labeling this a fail.



Really don’t want to include J. Lo on this list because she is a beautiful goddess. She is simply not aging and can still wear clothes that most women 10 years younger don’t even look good in. But unfortunately not all of her fashion choices are good ones. Here we see her camel toe, let’s call it her ‘camel toe Lo.’

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