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5 Shocking Female Bodies !!!

There’s an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes there are things that are so ugly, striking or shocking that everyone can pretty much agree on it, no matter what. Which brings us to these images below, which are breathtaking for different reasons, but so compelling that you won’t be able to look away, though in nearly every case, you wish you could.

Most Pierced Woman



Elaine Davidson holds the Guinness World Record as the woman with the most piercings. The last time her piercings were tallied, Davidson had more than 9,000 of them all over her and inside her body in places you can’t see and shouldn’t wonder about when it comes to a human being. Davidson was born in Brazil, but lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is a combination you don’t see that much, right? This is taking body modification to a whole ‘nother level. Davidson own a shop that offers…yep, you guessed it, piercing, as well as tattoos, hair braids, homemade jewelry and Aromatherapy. Despite her appearance, Davidson lives clean, doesn’t smoke, use drugs or engage in any illegal activity.

Davidson broke the record in May 2000, when she had 462 piercings. Think about that. She broke the record in the hundreds, and now has 9,000 piercings in her body. She says the piercings weigh about 8 pounds, but she never feels any pain, and that she has no trouble sleeping at night. She has also trained herself to sleep on nails, walk on hot coals and lie on broken glass.

World’s Thinnest Woman



Valeria Levitin is a Russian woman who has the unfortunate distinction of being known as the world’s thinnest woman. At 56 pounds, Levitin is anorexic and cannot put on enough weight to have a healthy life. She is a walking skeleton who understands that her disorder will likely kill her, and she’s doing everything her power not to become a role model for young girls who are literally dying to become thin. In interviews, Levitin has talked about how she used to be a healthy, curvy young woman when she was 19, but that slowly, her anorexia stripped away her confidence, security and happiness, and has transformed her into something that people pity or despise.

Levitin welcomes photo opportunities as a way to help other anorexia sufferers understand where they could end up if they don’t find a way to gain control over their disorder. She knows that death is a real possibility, and she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the way she has for more than 15 years.

World’s Most Tattooed Senior



Before her death in May 2015, Isobel Varley held the Guinness World Record as the most tattooed female senior citizen in the world. More than 90 percent of her body was covered with a tattoo, and Varley made a living traveling throughout the world displaying her walking work of art to admirers. Varley was a UK resident, born in Yorkshire who began her tattoo world record in the early 1980s when she visited a tattoo convention. At the time that she booked the record, 76 percent of her body was covered with tattoos, which numbered more than 200. Varley appeared at hundreds of tattoo shows in Europe, showing off her much-ogled body for people to see. She enjoyed being the center of attention.

Varley’s favorite tattoo was of a family of tigers that she inked on her stomach. She told the BBC in 2008 that she loved the tattoo subculture, and found that it included people from every walk of life. Varley died of complications related to her battle with Alzheimer’s. She was laid to rest in her hometown of Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

The Human Barbie



If you look at this photo and look away, you’ll swear it’s a giant-sized female doll that are sold in those sex shops. But when you keep looking, you realize that holy sh–, this is an actual, living, breathing human being. How did this happen? And why? Well, the how is through some creative plastic surgery, and the why is because Valeria Lukyanova, once an ordinary Russian girl, decided that she her main goal in life was to look exactly like a Barbie doll. Lukyanova, who never discloses her age, first hit pop culture about three years ago, when her videos went viral on YouTube. The freakiest aspect of Lukyanova’s appearance are her eyes, which never seem to blink, and remain wide-eyed and innocent, an effect she achieves with makeup and plastic surgery. She looks like a Manga comic come to life, and frankly, it’s really scary.

Lukyanova is actually from Moldova, once a republic of the old Soviet Union, and what’s interesting about her transformation is that you can see in her ‘before’ pictures, that she was just an ordinary Moldovan girl who wouldn’t attract much attention. But after meeting a rich dude, Lukyanova got implants and began her bizarre modification into a Barbie doll, and has never looked back.

World’s Heaviest Woman



This shocking photo is of Marya Rosales, once the world’s heaviest woman, undergoing surgery to remove excess fat from her body in order to save her life. At the time this picture was taken, Rosales weighed more than 1,000 pounds, and if your math is decent, you’ve figured out that she was half a ton. It’s almost surreal to see her mounds of flesh because they don’t look as if they belong on a human being. Honestly, you look at this image and you think of something like Jabba the Hutt in “Return of the Jedi,” but it’s difficult to believe that a person can get to the point where masses of fat are just undulating like flesh-covered jelly.

In 2008, Rosales was known as the ‘Half Ton Killer’ after she confessed to accidentally crushing her two year-old nephew. The truth was that Rosales’ sister Jaime had actually killed the boy by hitting him on the head after he refused to eat, and in a panic, Rosales had confessed to the crime to spare her sister. Eventually, the truth came out and Jaime was sentenced to 15 years for her son’s death. Rosales lost 800 pounds after her surgery, and is now the legal guardian of her sister’s children.



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