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10 useless things that people buy

Justin Bieber floss

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy10Justin Bieber is flossin’ and now you can floss along with him. His shining prepubescent face will smile at your dental hygiene. With no food in your teeth, he’ll want
you to be his girlfriend.

The wine yoke

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy09You hate holding your wine glass and you hate setting it down? So now you can wear it and free up your hands for dancing with no chance of losing your glass as the evening goes on.

Microluggage scooter


Picking up luggage is boring and hard on your arms. But now you can ride your suitcase out of baggage claim because nothing screams first class like a suitcase scooter.

iPod toilet paper dock

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy07Need a way to get down to business in the bathroom with style? Don’t browse your phone when you can blare sweet beats and let everyone know just how you handle your business.

Kountry class baby bottle

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy06If your baby is a redneck, chances are he won’t take a regular bottle. The Kountry class bottle will bring a touch of down home into your life. It’s Jeff Foxworthy endorsed so you know it’s the real deal.

Glowing toilet seat

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy05Having trouble finding the toilet in the middle of the night? Use this glowing toilet seat to light your way to relief and never have an accident in your home again.

Talking Smurf toothbrush

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy04Have you ever wanted your toothbrush to talk to you? Well, now you’ve got your Smurfin’ wish and you can hear the voice of Smurfette while you brush.

NFL forest faces

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy03Do you know how squirrels feel about your favorite NFL team? Show your support by decorating the tree in your front lawn and teach the squirrels a lesson about the best
team… your team!

Hitch critters

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy02If you love hauling stuff, but hate the unsightly hitch – cover it up with a hitch buddy in the animal of your choosing and say goodbye to embarrassing hitches with an adorable cover.

Bigfoot the garden statue

10UselessThingsThatPeopleBuy01-1If you’re larger than life, a simple pink flamingo just won’t do. Adorn your lawn with a larger than life Bigfoot statue and watch out for jealousy from the homeowner’s.





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