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Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants of the Year

10-Lainio Snow Village Ice Bar, Yllasjarvi, Finland


Would you like to look forever young? You can preserve yourself by dining at 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ice Bar in one of Lapland’s most interesting vacation spots is made completely from snow and ice. Even the tableware is nothing, but crystallized water. Visiting this place can be an exhilarating hobby, because it can only exist during wintertime and every year in late November is rebuilt from fresh snow to a completely new design. Just don’t forget to dress warm! If you think this restaurant is extreme you definitely should take a look at this year’s winner!

9- Jardin de Asia, Santa Cruz, Bolivia


The luxurious Los Tajibos hotel in the heart of Santa Cruz hosts this amazing fusion restaurant. As the name suggests this is an Asian domain, offering all the best food experiences of the Orient. There are six zones in Jardin de Asia, namely a sushi bar, Indonesian cafe, teppanyaki tables, Chinese orchard, Zen tea ritual garden and modern food fusion area. Combined with the exotic setting of the Bolivian space it presents an elegant and riveting surrounding for a leisurely dinner.

8 -Sirocco, Bangkok, Thailand


Located on the 64th floor of the State Tower building, Sirocco is the highest open-air restaurant. Whether you want a cozy romantic dinner, or an imposing business meeting, or a memorable family occasion, or a fun-filled get-together with friends, this place can accommodate every need. Sirocco’s terrace offers a breathtaking 270-degree view of the city. The restaurant already achieved worldwide recognition, and it is advisable to make reservations in advance.

7 -Mahika Mano, Tokyo, Japan


Some things just go together, like for example a hammock and a Pina Colada. The Mahika Mano restaurant pushes the limit of tropical cocktails and offers hammocks with anything you would like to eat or drink. The menu emphasizes healthy food and lists nutritious facts for every meal. The place also serves as a showroom for the hammock manufacturer, so if you develop a strong liking to a particular one, you can buy it.

6- Ali Barbour’s, Ukunda, Kenya


This exotic Kenyan restaurant is situated in a natural cave near Diani Beach. Its interior is practically the same as was formed by nature, except the evened floor and, of course, tables and lighting. The menu has a strong Mediterranean influence and lots of fresh fish. The restaurant opens in the evening and looks most magnificent after dark. The lights are incorporated into the cave’s natural holes in the walls and give a fairy-tale sensation. If you think that it’s the most romantic place wait until you see the next restaurant.

5 -Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy


Here is an enchanted and magical place for a dinner. It’s situated in a limestone cave cut in the cliff on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, which gives the place a protected, solid feeling. It’s a feast for all of your senses, because you can eat delicious seafood cuisine while watching the movement of water, listening to the soft whisper of waves, breathing in the fresh salty sea air and feel the touch of the southern breeze on your skin.

4- Owl Cafe, Tokyo, Japan


Since many apartment owners in Tokyo prohibit keeping animals inside, the citizens find other ways to enjoy company of our little friends. The latest trend is an owl, a stately, wise and intriguing bird. A chain of owl cafes offers a unique chance to come close with them. Still, owls are not used to dealing with so many humans and in such proximity of themselves, so there are strict guidelines for treating the birds while inside. And if you are looking for place to go with childer our next contestant will be perfect for them.

3- Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand


And back to the future! If you’re into high-tech and futuristic ideas this restaurant will be a good place to have dinner. Instead of human waiters that all of us are used to, Hajime offers you to be waited on by robots. It goes round, takes and brings your order and wishes you “bon appetite.” If there are no orders in line, it dances and entertains the crowd. An excellent place to bring children during a vacation.

2 -The Rock, Zanzibar, Tanzania


One of the unique and romantic places, situated some distance away from Michamvi Pingue beach on a rock washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. At first glance from the shore it is just a simple colonial house or an angler’s lodge, but that’s and optical illusion – the main section of the restaurant is situated on the terrace on the opposite side of the rock. The main attraction of this place in our modern urban world is the complete absence of any synthetic material, just clay, sand, wood and thatch.

1 -The 3842, Chamonix, France


At last… Our winner! How would you like to have lunch at 12,605 feet? By the way, the name of the restaurant is the altitude of the spot in the metric system, and it’s the highest restaurant location in the world. This is the closest spot to Mont Blanc reachable without special equipment and physical powers. Still, to get there you need to take two successive cable cars from Chamonix town, and finally an elevator that will take you the final 138 feet to your destination.

What are your most unusual places for dinner?


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