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20 OMG Facts About Russia

1. A Russian man once drank three bottles of vodka, then jumped out of a 5 story window, walked back up, and jumped again.

Yes, he survived and remained uninjured. Do you accept the challenge?

519-1024x768Do they really have bears as pets in Russia? Do they swim in icy water? Do they still play balalaikas and never ever smile to foreigners? Here you may learn something new about this weird country – Russia.

2. Russians have a word “Zapoi” to describe several days of continuous drunkenness during which one withdraws from society.

230-1024x797They know everything about heavy drinking!

3. In Soviet Russia, prisoners would get tattoos of Lenin and Stalin, because guards weren’t allowed to shoot at images of national leaders.

319-1024x640At least guards would not shoot at the tattooed spot of a body.

4. The word for “roller coasters” in Russian translates to “American Mountains.”

3-1024x768At the same time in many countries roller coasters are called “Russian Mountains”. For example, in French (les montagnes russes) and Portuguese (montanha-russa).

5. It’s illegal to be “emo” in Russia.

1102Emo websites and emo music are banned to keep the society “clean”.

6. Russia is the same size as Pluto.

620-1024x1024In fact Pluto is even a bit smaller with its surface area of roughly 16,650,000 square kilometers.

7. There are coffee houses in Russia where food and drink are free but you pay for time.

720-1024x680One minute spent in such a cafe may cost from 1 to 3 roubles. The idea itself was born in China.

8. 110 people in Russia (0.0000007% of the population) own 35% of all wealth.

820It’s the country of the highest wealth inequality!

9. There’s a museum in Russia that hires cats to protect its artworks against rodents.

917Cats have been protecting the State Hermitage of Saint Petersburg since 1764.

10. Russia’s craziest city climbers are beyond insane.

1016-1024x683Just check this out on the famous website about Russia.

11. There is an abandoned Russian cruise ship roaming international waters.

1123-1024x489In its better times the ship “Lyubov Orlova”, built in 1976, was exploring the waters of Antarctica.

12. In Russia, women outnumber men by 11 million.

1219-1024x682Such disbalance explains the low birth rate in the country and the desire of many Russian women to get married with foreign men.

13. Lawyers in Russia threatened to sue Warner Bros. because Dobby the house elf closely resembled Russian president Vladimir Putin.

1319-1024x1024Probably such resemblance upset the president…

14. They played human chess in 1924, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1418Chess was a very popular game in the 20s in Russia. So it inspired Russians to play the human chess on the biggest squares.

15. Until 2011 in Russia, any drink that was under 10% alcohol was not considered an alcoholic beverage, just a regular drink.

1519So beer was just like a foodstuff…

16. In Russia, if you step on somebody’s foot accidentally, you are expected to put your foot out so they can equally step on yours.

1613There is a superstion that some conflict may occur between the two: the one who stepped on someone’s foot and the one who didn’t let him do the same in return.

17. At their closest point, Russia and the U.S. are only 2.5 miles apart.

1718-1024x565That boundary is devided by the Bering Strait in Alaska.

18. The Olympic flame has gone out over 70 times in Russia.

1813-1024x577Once it even went out being in tha hands of the Sochi’s governor.

19. In Russia, teachers have been paid in vodka.

191-1024x577Bad quality sausage and wine could also replace a cash salary.

20. The “Call of Duty” video game was edited in Russia because Putin doesn’t want Russian gamers shooting other Russians.

2016-1024x576Putin believes it should never happen even in a fictional, virtual reality.







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