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20 Facts About Elvis Presley That Might Shock You

1. Elvis had a twin brother.

Even if you have always thought you knew about the king of music more than enough, this list is here to prove you were wrong. So here we go – 20 amazing and shocking facts about Elvis Presley!

11-1024x682He was buried the next day after his birth, his name was Jesse Garon. He came to light 35 minutes before the King.

2. Elvis could die from a tornado when he was only fifteen months old.

22-1024x768That tornado in Tupelo, Miss., was the fourth deadiest in the U.S.

3. He got a guitar from his parents on his birthday, but he hated this fact.

31-1024x822The poor boy was dreaming of a bicycle but it was too expensive for his family.

4. The word “blue” is present in fifteen titles of his songs.

41-1024x658Blue Christmas, Blue Eyes Crying in the rain, Blue Hawaii, Blue moon of Kentucky, Blue Moon, Blue River, Blue Suede Shoes…

5. The first of his records were for his mom’s pleasure.

51-1024x782He paid 4 bucks to Sun Studio for the release of two things for his mother – “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”.

6. His favorite treat was a sandwich with peanut butter, bacon .. honey and banana!

61-1024x768You can make it yourself:

Take a slice of bread and cover it from both sides with peanut butter. Then top it with slices of banana and bacon and spread butter on another side. Fry the sandwich on both sides over medium heat for 4 minutes until it gets golden.

7. Parents of girls, for whom Elvis was an idol, were not happy.

71He behaved like a sex maniac as it was said by Jackie Gleason. Angry parents often broke records of Elvis or threw them away to protect their kids.

8. He used breasts of his female fans to leave an authograph.

8-1024x768It was quite convenient, one was for “Elvis”, another one for “Presley”.

9. He purchased a huge mansion at the age of 22.

9-1024x673Graceland mansion was priced at 102,500 dollars and located in Memphis. He was living there for a couple of decades.

10. In 1965 Elvis expressed his desire to enter a monastery.

101-1024x640Presley was growing in a Pentecostal denomination, the Assemblies of God but we don’t remember him as a devoted Christian.

11. He was a soldier already after he became famous.

111-855x1024He joined the American military in 1957 and never suffered from not receiving letters from girls…

12. He performed in the North America and nowhere else.

12-1024x576The only exception are several concerts in Canada given in 1957. His manager refused any offers for Elvis to perform in other countries as he was an illegal immigrant and was afraid to never be accessed to the U.S. again.

13. Elvis gave a presidential yacht to Franklin Roosevelt.

13-1024x768The Potomac cost $55,000 and served to Roosevelt as a floating White House. When the owner died, Elvis bought it back.

14. He never liked the taste of fish.

14Priscilla did but was not allowed by Elvis to eat it at Graceland.

15. He used to work as an usher in the movie theater of Memphis.

15-1024x955He was fired for taking a free candy from the girl working the concessions stand.

16. He used to smoke thin German cigars.

16-1024x874By the way, Germans who knew him used to call Elvis “the rock and roll matador.”

17. While being a soldier on the foreign soil he desperately wanted to meet Brigitte Bardot.

17-1024x614He was a huge fan of the French actress.

18. He dyed his eyelashes and eyebrows.

18This brought him health problems later in life. He almost became blind and suffered from glaucoma.

19. He wanted much from his appearance and applied different methods to be handsome.

19-1024x658He had a nose job, caps on his teeth, he treated his acne.

20. He has a lot of fans among those who later became stars.

20-1024x685Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison and Cher are among those fans.








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