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Guy Brings A Drunk Girl Home… He Wakes Up To Find A Real Disgusting Shitstorm

Boys, beware while taking any drunk girl home. You might just risk your life or end up getting into some trouble. You never know when a simple and innocent-looking girl can turn your room and house into shit. You’ll be enjoying with her the whole night, but the next morning can bring out terror.

Do I sound disgusting? Then read the story of this boy who brought a drunk girl to his house and got a nightmare later. What happened to him will make most of you laugh out loud, but the ones who would have faced anything similar will cry in fear.

Attention: You all know cigarette smoking is injurious to health, but you don’t know that a drunk girl is disastrous to your house. Lol!

A guy took a drunk girl home..


Everything was perfect until the night when they were together and enjoying the closeness to each other.

But then..


..he felt his leg bit wet and immediately rushed to the bathroom to check it out.

When he went to the washroom, he found..


..his leg was all covered in shit. He thought he pooped on himself, but when checked thoroughly, he found it was not his. The girl with whom he spent his night was the culprit.

The boy rushed to his roommate’s room for sleeping and avoided the stench hitting the room.


..for sleeping and avoiding the stench hitting the room. He was having no idea what has happened to him. He was in complete shock.

Later when the boy came back to the room, he didn’t know what to do.


He did a lot of brainstorming and came up with a unique solution. He decided to cut a hole in the mattress, where the girl pooped. He opened the window of his room and after a few days, the room got free of the shit smell.

Well, this type of shit can happen with any of you. So, think twice before bringing any drunk girl.


If you laughed like an insane after reading the shitty story of this boy, then do share the story with everyone and make them laugh too.


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