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5 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes To Make During The Game

Lemon Chicken Wings    


The arrival of Super Bowl signals people to put on their fat jeans, as they know they will be eating a lot on that day.

If you do not want to gain weight during the Super Bowl, you can try to cool healthy recipes such as the lemon chicken wings recipe. It is healthy and appetizing and you will not have to wear your fat jeans.


  1. 1/2 cup of vodka
  2. 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  3. 3 tbsp of  sugar
  4. 1 tbsp of olive oil
  5. 1 tsp of salt
  6. 1/4 tsp of  ground black pepper
  7. 2 1/2 pounds of chicken wings (trimmed tips.


  1. In a bowl or a plastic bag, add lemon juice, vodka, olive oil, sugar, salt and black pepper.
  2. Dissolve salt and sugar.
  3. Add the chicken wings to the mixture and mix to coat them evenly.
  4. Place the bowl or the bag in the fridge to cool for 4 hours.
  5. Preheat the oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit.
  6. Use to layers of foils to line a 9 by 13 inch baking sheet.
  7. Add the chicken wings in the pan.
  8. Pour the marinade over them,
  9. Bake the chicken wings until they start to turn brown, about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  10. Serve hot with your choice of sauce.

Spicy Beefy Chili    


If you love spicy and meaty foods, you should try to make the spicy beefy chili. It is spicy and beefy. You can eat it with a spoon, bread, or chips. You can more and freeze to eat later.

If the Super Bowl is coming in the winters, this spicy beefy chili will warm you up. Root for your favorite team, as you chow down on some tasty and delicious chili.


  1. 1 slice of bacon (chopped)
  2. 2 1/4 cups of onion (divided and chopped)
  3. 2 cloves of garlic (minced)
  4. 1/2 pound of ground sirloin
  5. 1 pound of ground turkey breast
  6. 1 can of beer
  7. 3 tbsp of chili powder
  8. 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
  9. 1/2 tsp of salt (kosher)
  10. 1/4 tsp of ground cumin
  11. 1 can of tomatoes (diced and undrained)
  12. 1 can of tomato sauce (without salt)
  13. 1 can of pinto beans (drained and rinsed)
  14. 1/2 cup of reduced-fat cheddar cheese (shredded)
  15. Oyster crackers


  1. Cook the slice of bacon in the oven over medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes.
  2. Add 2 cups of onion, cover, and cook it for another 5 additional minutes.
  3. Add garlic and cook it for another minute.
  4. Increase the heat and add sirloin and turkey to the pan.
  5. Cook for five minutes and stir to crumble it.
  6. Add beer and wait for the liquid to reduce. It will take about 7 minutes.
  7. Add chili powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt, cumin, and tomato sauce.
  8. Cook for 10 minutes. Wait for the mixture to thicken.
  9. Add in bean and cook for 10 minutes.
  10. Put the spicy beefy chili in bowls, top it with onions and cheese and serve with oyster crackers.

Spinach And Artichoke Dip  


Spinach and artichoke together is never a good combination. However, in this recipe, this combination works wonders.

You will have to try yourself to believe it. Make this healthy recipe during the Super Bowl to change people’s mind about spinach and artichoke being an unsavory combination.


  1. 1 tbsp of  olive oil
  2. 1 can of lima beans (drained)
  3. 1 cup of mayonnaise (light)
  4. 4 oz. of  cream cheese (fat-free)
  5. 1 tsp of Tabasco sauce
  6. 1 tsp of  capers (drained)
  7. 1/4 tsp of  ground black pepper
  8. 1/4 tsp of dry mustard
  9. 1 can of artichoke hearts (drained)
  10. 1 packet of frozen spinach (chopped, drained, thawed, and dried)
  11. 3/4 cup of mozzarella cheese (skim and shredded)
  12. 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese (grated)
  13. 1/2 cup of green onions (sliced)
  14. 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. Combine olive oil, lima beans, cream cheese, mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce, capers, black pepper, and mustard together in a food processor.
  3. Process the ingredients for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  4. Add artichoke, spinach, parmesan, mozzarella, green onion, and lemon juice to the food processor for about 10 seconds.
  5. Use a rubber spatula to transfer the mixture in a casserole dish.
  6. Bake it at 350 degree Fahrenheit for 25 to 30 minutes.
  7. Remove from the oven and allow it to cool for 10 minutes before serving it.

White Bean Dip     



  1. 1 can of cannellini beans (rinsed and drained)
  2. 2 tbsp of olive oil
  3. 4 cloves of garlic (sliced)
  4. 1/4 cup of packed sage leaves (chopped)
  5. 1 tsp of  olive oil
  6. Salt and black pepper to taste


  1. In a bowl, place the beans.
  2. Take a fork to mash them and put it aside for later use.
  3. Heat a pan over medium heat.
  4. Add 2 tbsp of olive oil and allow it become warm.
  5. Add garlic, sage leaves, and stir for 4 minutes.
  6. Pour the olive oil from the pan over the beans and stir.
  7. Garnish the beans with 1 tbsp of olive oil.
  8. Sprinkle black pepper and salt.
  9. Cover it and place in the fridge for one week or serve right away.

Fried Zucchini        



  1. 2 zucchini
  2. 1/4 cup of milk
  3. 1 egg white
  4. 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese (shredded)
  5. 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (seasoned)
  6. Cooking spray


  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. Slice the zucchini into 3-inch long sticks.
  3. Add egg white and milk into a bowl.
  4. Add breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese in another bowl.
  5. Coat the zucchini sticks in the egg mixture.
  6. Next, coat them with breadcrumbs.
  7. Spray the baking sheet with cooking spray and place the zucchini sticks on it.
  8. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes and serve.



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