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This Bad Girl Posted Her After Sex Pics On Facebook Does she have no shame? This girl actually posts pictures of herself right after having sex…

She Posts A Picture Of Her Face After Sloppy Sex

What was going through her mind when she decided to post this photo on Facebook? Her face is a total mess, but she’s grinning like she’s the luckiest girl in the world.


Kids These Days…

What happened to society? Kids used to be much more civilized. Now they post pictures of themselves after a sloppy facial…


Her Friends React

Her friends react in the funniest way possible. She does kind of look like a glazed donut…


“Sloppy Toppy”

Thanks to these youngsters, I learned a new phrase today. “Sloppy Toppy.” I’ll have to remember that one.


Some Of The Guys Are Turned On By It

Some of the guys who comment are obviously turned on by the picture. And you know what, I can’t really blame them.


Girls Are Much More Adventurous These Days

Today, girls are much more adventurous when it comes to sex. I guess the controversy isn’t that she got a huge facial, it’s the fact that she shared the picture on Facebook. That at least is still pretty frowned upon. And hilarious.


Don’t Open This Picture In A Public Place

You’re probably realizing this isn’t the best picture to look at it in public…



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