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Scientists Looked At Chicken McNuggets Under A Microscope, Were Appalled With What They Found There’s a good chance you may have already questioned whether you should really eat these things. Well, we’ve got some bad news.

TMI: McNuggets Under A Microscope.

The scientists of Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory purchased 10-pieces of McNuggets from a McDonald’s in Austin, Texas.


They Didn’t Expect To Find Anything That Weird.

But they did. The scientists examined the McNuggets under a digital microscope and found something shocking.


What Are Those Things?

The meat contained many mysterious dark hair-like fibers. Is this evidence of contamination?


The Fibers Look Vaguely Familiar.

Some have commented that the fibers resemble morgellons disease, an unusual condition where fibers appear under the skin.


More Strange Findings.

In addition to the fibers, scientists also observed red and green discolorations.


The Scientists Will Keep All The McNuggets In Frozen Storage.

Not because they want to eat them later, but because they want to preserve the food as evidence.


Somethings Fishy.

The scientists can’t say for certain if McNuggets are unsafe to consume, but they wonder if the FDA should investigate.




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