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World’s Oldest Dog Maggie The Kelpie Dies Completing Two Centuries Of Her Life

World’s oldest dog, Maggie the kelpie has passed away on Sunday. The dog was owned by a Victorian dairy farmer, Brian McLaren in Australia. He died at the age of 30, the age of 200 in dog years. McLaren buried his beloved dog in a marked grave under a pine tree, near his place.

His pet had a hard-hitting effect in his life, so for him, it is hard to accept his departure, but he managed to do it, seeing his dog leaving the world peacefully.

Maggie was 30 years old, more than 200 in dog years.


The beloved pet of a Victorian dairy farmer Brian McLaren, Maggie died peacefully at the age of 30, on a Sunday night.

The dog lived with a Victorian dairy farmer in Australia.


It was unexpected to embrace the sudden death of his old partner.


He buried maggie under a pine tree near his place.


He has all the glimpses and memories of moments he spent with his dog.


He thought about how peacefully his dog left the world and accepted the reality.

Brian has glimpses of all the moments he spent with his dearest pet. RIP Maggie. Share and comment.


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